from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-10-27 - 12:56 a.m.

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about the ancient Inka-German connection

ähem (I told, I would start my next entry with...)

aah - it works -

today I put my new design in diaryland - figured out - how to upload images & stuff - & it' easy to to - Okay - I'll improve my design - it's not yet perfect - within the next days -

but instead of my 'Heureka' (means: 'I did it') let's get down today for some trivia:

I saw today in tv a science issue about potatoes - in German 'Kartoffeln' - since my youth I knew, they came from America, but now got informed, that they were agricultured since about 4 centuries by the Inka's - got then imported to Europe by the spanish indian-culture-aggressors - & was rather unnoticed by the european food culture - it was thought as an extraordinary strange plant from the tropics & women of high society in the 17 century in France put the flowers of that plant in their hair as adornment - Later on it was 'Friedrich der Grosse' - a prussian emperor, who recocnized the worth of the potato & ordered, that this plant had to be cultured everywhere in Prussia - People didn't like that root-fruit in the beginning - like almost everywhere people don't like anything they don't know, - but by orders from above - they got accustomed to 'Kartoffeln' - later on so much, that nowadays some Italians call Germans 'Kartoffelsäcke' (that's potato bags) like certain Germans say to Italians 'Spagghettis'

in the USA there are states (was it Michigan?) that choose a 'potato Queen', which seems to be a rather provincial culture - but Inkas had even a God for potatoes, called 'Axumama' - & even nowadays Peruian Inka-Ascendants have a holy ceremony, when planting a new field of potatoes, drinking & tearing 'Mais-Schnaps' (corn-liquor) on the day of seeding

it doesn't matter what you tell, be it trivia or important stuff - it matters how you tell -

we live in a world where almost everything possible is said - and nothing new is told in this world - but repeating is much fun & probably not everyone heard, what everybody said - I guess, all those tellers weren't at the same time on the same place where all those listeners were - so the chance is very high, that everything someone says is totally new to his listeners

I remember a sentence in a Frank Zappa song:

'is your life worth to make a film upon it' - hmm mine was not (ok maybe partly) - I'm watching & reflecting, but not acting ..

so good night for 2day

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