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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-11-03 - 2:40 a.m.

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mexican shootings don't involve swallowing

Saw these days this new Mexico-film "Once upon a time in Mexico" - together with my good Iranian friend, 2 thai-ish fem-friends, too tipsy of red wine to really care about the film & a German guy unknown to me.

it started with strong mexican guitar-Riffs - I think the music made half the film - & then there were some people shooting at each other, followed by scenes where a guy shot at another & then 2 guys shot at each other, then some gents shot at a lot of people, while a lot of people shot at some desperados - in the breaks of shooting, other people where shooting at each other, maybe not knowing, that in the same time other were also shooting - probably everywhere in Mexico all people were shooting at each other, but the film couldn't show all.

- after an hour or so of shooting around of all the Mexican, Desperado & FBI-People members of this big shooting feast- I really wondered, that there still were some people alive, that had been in that film from the very beginning - I tried to make some bets with my friends, who'd survive longer, - but they were all too paralized by the monotonious hammering of the shots, to investigate in my highly fortunate business plans (I'd have lost the bets anyway) - sometimes between the shooting parties in the film there were hidden clues, very hidden clues about the storyline, the sense of all the shooting (was it for the noice of it?) - & noticed also some several gags in it - probably the film was done only for the gags - the shooting gags - in the shootdown of the film it ended with - guess! - yes with shots, shootings & similar stuff

- but in spite of all the million killings in this mexican serenade - there were still some of the main actors surviving - it's really still unfair that whatever happens to some of the american film heroes, they, totally invincable & undestroyable, survive somehow - you could drop a atom bomb on them - they will survive, probably strangely strengthened by all this nuclear & radio-active power they inhaled - so let's have a toast on our celuloid heroes!

Yes - & when the film was over, my friends were still half paralized, staring at the now empty screen of tv - it was somehow disturbing, that the rattering & powerful sounds of shootings were gone - the following silence was hard to bear - I mean you get an addict to it - so within some seconds, we all knew what we had to do - Ghasem, my Iranian friend pulled out his machine gun from under the table - the 2 thais got out their little lady pistols & some other thai-fighting weapons - the other German his rifle, disguised as a crutch & I quickly changed my notice-writing pen to a revolver

- we had some funny shootings after then - & we didn't care for the expense of all the furniture, windows etc. that broke by errand shots (the producer will pay for that) - I was shot in one of the first seconds (these revolvers need so long time to load & I never know where I got my ammunition hidden), so can't say, who won our little friendly overkilling fight - the main actors probably survived - & next time I'll join one of those shooting parties I'll make sure, I'm one of the main actors..

I wonder wether 'Kill Bill' by Quentin Tarantino (once 'pulp fiction' etc.) will outdo the mexican killing number - I'll count the corpses!

by the way 'Quentin Tarantino' was these days interviewed in German TV by Charlotte Roche - Harald Schmidt (German entertainer of a letterman-similar late night show in Köln (Cologne)) called her the 'Queen of German Pop Television' -

She's usually moderator at MTV, a Music channel - she's half english & half german - but I don't know which half of her is english (is it the left, the right, the upper part- the head or the intimate parts - who knows?) - half punkish look in the Vergangenheit (past (now you learned a German word)) , but somehow it-girl-stylish (whatever that means) -

I think she's very selfconscious & true, very originaire (well still - I hope she stays that way), so in her interviews rather unconventional (I hope this is an english word - for if I can't remember an english word - I invent it - sometimes too lazy to use the dictionary - in german 'unkonventionell') - I should stop all this paranthesis-using ((yes - I should ) -it's hard to read (yes - I should)).

shortly she had this interview with Robbie Williams
- may a few of you heard about him - & in this interview she asked him about his favour music - & he said 'my own music' - & in co-relation she asked him, wether he swallows his sperm --- R. Williams, slightly shocked & for some seconds apparently taken aback - said then: "I can't believe you said that!?!" - but after these seconds he asked her, wether she likes to swallow - she said "No" - only take it in the mouth, but not swallow - afterwards the interview situation was quite relaxed & they were talking about other nice things to be told openly in a tv-interview

but in other news: I'm still a virgin to writing online-diaries & till now only 2 people are informed about this - one lives in Australia & the other, my nephew is now for study in Japan - but what's the sense in writing an online diary if no-one reads it - I think this is just a experience - sometimes I think I have a lot to tell, sometimes - nothing at all - so still now the sercecy of my diary protects me from unwelcome critical viewers & voices - so I thought till yesterday - but why not - I'm about informing some special elected people from now on - let the plant slowly grow -

so good night people 4 2day (u no I sometimes always write at night)

write at night sounds the same as right at knight or ride at night for a German ear, but in french it's much worse..


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