from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-11-06 - 2:46 a.m.

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playmate of the millionaires - without a dime to dance on

Coming home from my thai friend, who cut my hair this evening (very professional) - driving home by tram (Straßenbahn), I saw a commercial poster on the street of a Lotto company "Jeder sollte Millionär sein" (Everybody should be millionaire) - but "what a stupid sentence", I thought on second thought - ".. if everybody were millionaire, than nobody is rich & instead, everybody 'd be poor - for someone still had to do our daily work, to bake, to plant, to clean, to organzize, to produce & to develop, explore new ways - or under all these millionaires there would only the milliardaires be the rich ones, & the millionaires just the 'Kanalarbeiter' & servants - so this commercial would be more appealing to me, if it were: "Only you should be the millionaire!"

I once had a dream about this theme:

I was standing in a tunnel on top of a mountain with a street leading out of that tunnel to the city below - just leaving a bus who had to stop in the tunnel, because some robbers were looting us - so outside the bus I looked for a way to escape these robbers & saw a small cover of water on the street, maybe 1 cm high, rinsing down the street - just by chance there was something like a surfboard lying around - so I grabbed it - lay on it & tried to slide on it on this small water surface down to that city, hoping the water would get deeper, keeping me surfin' & not dry out on the street, so my following robbers couldn't catch me - my hopes were more than fulfilled, the water grew & grew, became a rising fast running stream & in a wild downsurf the road of water I left my pursuers far behind me -

So weit, so gut! (So = so - weit = far - gut = good)

- in town, where I thought to be safe - the robbers couldn't come in here, but after a while I noticed, the water, that saved me on my trip down the mountain, was very slowly rising - buildings in lower regions got over-floaded - people were trying to reach higher regions in towns, but the higher regions were expensive, the higher the surviving regions were, the more expensive they became to dwell - richer people also built in quick time, probably within seconds (dream time you know) buildings on higher platforms above the drowning town, but only the richest in town could go there & were allowed there - all the poor ones were drowning - the platforms of the rich looked somehow like coffeehouses on platforms protruding from very high trees raising out of the big lake, the city meanwhile had become - & I saw they had taken some of the poorer with them as servants - so the only chance for the poor was to be absolute slave-like obidients servants of the rich, to survive the flood -

I woke up then & thought 'that's just way - things would happen.."

OK - some dreams just sow simple truths - sometimes not very new ones - but I like it, you dream something like an allegorie - or an example in pictures for something true

if I close a diary entry I alway have the urge to say some closing words like 'bye' etc. - but may 'good night' like in my last 2 entries may not be the proper form for the end, if you read it in the morning - so -just cut!

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