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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-11-06 - 4:01 a.m.

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R. Williams meets woman & WW III doesn't happen!

But again to Robbie Williams - I'm neither a fan of him, nor do I listen much to his music - but just by chance, I saw this channel, just by zapping a concert of him, right the day, after I wrote about that interview of Charlotte Roche & him - & just by chance the following day, I saw Charlotte Roche in the German late night show 'Harald Schmidt' -

so it seems my diary is somehow magic - I just mention 2 persons & the following 2 day they are shown exclusively in tv - what if I mention ...x$%/ and ..§§%xx. in my diary - will then happen the World War III within the next few days? - Or maybe only in TV? - Well I will never mention ...x$%/ and ..§§%xx.

But as to Robbie Williams - I was starting to talk about - I think, he's a very extraordinairy strong personality - I see that & appreciate that, even if he's not my generation (you know, my generation was the best of all(just like any)) - he's great in acting & perfomance & sometimes seems to me like a big child, with his big eyes & that smile of his, that probably makes a million women melt -

& in this concert, - he sang just the song with 'I am scum .. I'm your son' etc. - he on a protruding part of stage into the masses of believers (I mean fans) - then this long blackhaired girl jumped on the stage ran to him, embraced him & he liked it, embraced her too - kissed her, sang while holding her another part of his strophe, but few time later they were so involved in a very deep lip-pressing kiss, that he forgot to sing on, while the band repeated - she grabbed his right buttock & in response he, her left breast, smiling 'if you do this, I do that' - hours later or so, when she left stage, she was the happiest girl in the world - he was probably the man of her dreams & all her dreams came true for some minutes (it real were minutes, not seconds) -

seeing this scene really gave a small tear in my eye (Ok this just a emotion for a second) - for I like Roman Polanski, have the same mind in that - he said in his autobiographie - that he can't weep, if something bad or sad happens - but if something after long time of hoping end longing in the last succeeds, could bring him to tears..

Gut - but the new shooting star of entertainment & very unconventional 'Charlotte Roche' - in the Harald Schmidt show - one little delicate detail in that interview was, when she told him about her own just founded company 'Punani enterprises' & he asked her what punani means - she said, 'that is an indish name for a fruit, means 'juicy, heavy' etc. - but now means 'Muschi' (that's Pussy) - so she owns the pussy-enterprises company

I'm just thinking 'you can't leave your diary with an entrance about pussy-muschi or whatever, but on the other hand I think: 'Sure, I can!'

& on the third hand: 'Why not?' - I won't tell you, what I think on the other 32 hands (I'm a very hesitating & doubtful person - or should be)

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