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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-11-07 - 3:43 a.m.

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Now my design for this diary is much better - I animated the sting of the unicorn & put the royal lily on top of the dividing bar between menu & entry - first I had put this iron-couloured lily image in:

but the silver colour didn't quite fit to the rest of the design, so searched the net for pictures of ornaments of the golden royal lily - the french kings emblem - and after some search found it in the Mists of Antiquity page an very interesting article about "The Origin of the Fleur-de-Lis" - and cut this yellow (gold) lily out of one of the heraldic figures there.

Here the origin, the lily flower pressed - looks really very similar to the emblem:

Next day my best friend in the world, Chantal, gave me the information, that unicorn (Einhorn in German) in french is licorne - sounds like there is a joint between licorne & lis - cornu (latin) = the hornet - & li could be lis - lily, - a lily is usually white - (in German there's an expression about a very pale white (skin etc.) 'lilienweiß' (lilywhite) - just looking out the window - I see the fullmoon staring in - he's also 'lilienweiß' tonight.

So I think, unicorn & fleur-de-lis fit perfectly - e pluribus unum - (out of many - one) - Theodore Sturgeon once made a wordgame out of this & called one of his tales 'E pluribus Unicorn' - so schließt sich der Kreis (so the circle is closed)

within the next days Ill tell you, why I choose the unicorn as emblem for my diary.

my guestbook doesn't function yet (probably they didn't recognize yet, that the 1,99 $ for it are already paid) - but probably within the next few days..

PS: I got informed, that my friends credit-card got deactived for a while - she wanted to transfer the 1,99 $ for the guestbook - that's why it still isn't activated yet - but my nephew in Japan will do that for me next monday - ..

PS: Now my guestbook is working & patiently waiting for bypassers - if ever I 'll invite visitors - it's still a very fine & private place - informed only 3 people till now of my adress..

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