from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-11-14 - 6:30 p.m.

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my diaryland research - part I

since I informed till now only 3 people about my diary, one in Australia, me student nephew in Japan & one in Paris, but none of my friends here - so patiently waiting for visitors - because still hesitating to show off or exhibiting thoughts to strangers - but see in my stats, that the number of by chance by-droppers very slowly, but continiously rises - it's good: this somehow anonymousity of this diary, so not disturbed in expressing my thoughts by people I know here - that'd probably bind me to a certain kind of attitude..

This diary-writing intrigues me somehow - I notice momentary, my thoughts very often circling about this project - writing 10 times more entry's in thought than actually I do - there's a lot of themes in the air & I'll have to decide, which of them is worth, being written down - half of them I have already forgotten, when actually writing down - words are idle & not always express your real thinking, (sometimes a bit distracted by sentence constructioning, grammar rules & absent mind, Blattangst or Schreibblockade)

Today I was a bit diaryland hopping - just peeping in some of the lastly updated diarys by chance - (I do this since some days, to find out who else is in this big community of thought exhibitionists)

What strucks the eye first is:

a) Most of the writers are female (I guess about 80% or 90 %) -

(most of them had probably already written diary-books - "Poesie-Albums" (don't know the english word for it - that are books, where all of your friends, etc have to write in some momentum, prosa, drawing or stick in a picture, foto, lock of hair, piece of toe, fingerprint etc.))

b) most of the diarists are between 15 and 29 years old

c) most of the diary-exposers are pupils or students

d) most of them diaroons are US-american, some of these, the more pupil ones, write in StrAnge utH ingLiSh

e) some have splendid design, but often not selfmade, using premade template designs

f) some come from other countries, mainly Europe, but most of them write in different grades of proper english, but sometimes also in swedish

g) so I'm one of the seldom male diarist in this writing society - (does that make me strange? - no I'm not wearing woman-clothes)

So after you've read a) to g) thoroughly - you sure can combine & answer my question: "Who was the gardener?" - (no - I'm not the gardener)

I wonder how much diarists in diaryland already exist? - you can only see the last 150 updated ones on the members list, but also of any letter - so from 'a' to 'z' times 150 is at least 3900 - in the list you see, that every minute a lot of them is updated - so you could find out about the real number of diaries, if you would study this more scientic, counting the time on different times a day, how long it needs an updated diary slides from top of the list to the buttom - respecting the rushhour times, when it's daytime in USA & all Americans update & how much in average per minute update & find out, how often the general diaroon updates (maybe every 2 days) - & then you'll have the exactly number of diarylanders - maybe.

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