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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-11-28 - 1:29 a.m.

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Legalize bavarian beer & vin du Rhone!

I just saw a report about absolutely legal cannabis plantations in the Netherlands - 'Legalize it became true there' - I saw big greenhouses full of cannabis plants - in other states you get busted for years for such fine agriculture - but not for hop plantings and wine montains - & we all know alcohol is much stronger & more dangerious than this light stuff 'grass' - justice worldwide is so injust! - Not that I care about cannabis & all the people & friends of mine who smoked it in their youth, don't care about it anymore - it's so weak you know!

But there are also states in human world where even kissing in public causes punishment, where even your behaviour with your partner may cause penalty (so please don't assfuck your partner in Texas (or was it another state in the Southern USA)). Homosexuality caused here in Germany till the 60's sentence & imprisonment. And I don't want to speak about the arabic states (think of womens rights etc) - OK they live in the 15th century now & remember how dark & human right less (human right wasn't invented yet by Edison or some of them inventors, you know), but not lawless, it was here in the dark ages of 1500 on

I wonder wether there's a state in this world, where scratching behind your ear causes death penalty - there probably is, don't you think so?

Why there are so many people around worldwide who think they know what is better or right for you? - I just don't need them!

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