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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-12-01 - 3:09 a.m.

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Repeating - Add-on to my last entry

Dear guests - this is an add-on to my former entry - so read it - before you read this one!

in my last entry I wrote about that song "Night Comes On" by Leonard Cohen - I put the lyrics in - by the way: it's from the CD "Various Positions" & I told about the melody's similarity to 'Susanne'.
With this I mean the intense repeating of melody & voice - you know: the art of repeating in an intense way leads to orgasms, digging deeper and deeper to the thing you want to find out or get - Like in some or most melodies of the Rolling Stones it's the fun of repetition that made their early Rock'n' Roll melodies & themes so intense - what else do you do if you want to come to a physical climax - repeating the same thing over & over until you reach the climax of happiness, be it alone or with a partner - you don't play artificial jazz on your partners body - for as nice &funny as it can be for a while - your partner won't get satisfied by all your artificial fuzzing & touching around - prefers later on the somehow monotonious repeating of ever the same melody of rubbing, hitting the same parts of erogene zones in a certain rhythm ever & ever on, till it comes down to the point - please don't jazz around anymore - just do me the primitive favour of some straight rock'n'roll movement till the longing of my unfulfilled soul hits heaven

& in some of these Leonard Cohen songs - it was the fine repeating of the same intriguing melody, mingled with his hypnotic dark voice, that made his songs so intense.

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