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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-12-21 - 3:04 a.m.

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the prophecy of procrastination

To improve my english & to for an enhancement of of my learning discipline I started recently to research every word I don't understand in an english text in my dictionary.

So today while reading one of my daily lectures, Gentry's diary, there was the word 'procrastinate' I couldn't remember the meaning anymore.

But I knew, I had at least twice or thrice (three times) looked for it's translation in the dictionary - no way - I always forget it. This strange word doesn't stick in my memory & I hate it so much if I have to learn the same word over & over again.

to procrastinate = zögern, zaudern in German

to hesitate also = zögern, zaudern in German,

'hesitate' is a word I can easily remember, but this strange combination of 'pro' and 'crast' or 'crastinate' ist hard to remember -

I know the meaning of all these english prefixes like de, dis, in, en, un, con, up etc. coming from latin origin - 'pro' means for - but what means crastinate, - there exists no verb like crast or crastinate in english - so the combination pro & crastinate gives no meaning - & also the 'r' in crast seems to be false in this combination - I think procast or pocrast would sound better & would be easier to learn for me - but having the 'r' in 'pro' and in 'crast' seems to be exaggerated to me.

So I proclaim in my proceeding procedure of provoking diary writing, that these probably problem causing 'pro'-prefixed words should be prohibited - who needs them?

Hmm - I think now I know forever what 'procrastinate' means, but probably I can't afford the time to write a whole diary entry for to learn a new english verb & it probably also bores my readers.

ich denke ich werde in Zukunft mein diary in französisch fortführen - das ist dann viel einfacher, da ich nur über einen sehr kleinen franz. Wortschatz verfüge & über katastrophale französisch Grammatikkenntnisse - und Unkenntnis & Ignoranz machen ja bekanntlich stark, das beweisen all die politisch gewählten Minister, die zwar kaum Ahnung von der Materie haben, aber eben Macht haben. Um so mehr ich Bescheid weiß über eine Materie, umso mehr sehe ich meine Schwächen um die Kenntnisse über diese Materie..

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