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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2004-01-04 - 3:09 a.m.

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Parents too stupid?

I recently heard this in the news: there is a couple here in Germany, parents of two children.. & they took their children away about 7 years ago because the 'Jugendamt' (youth well fare office) thought the parents were too 'stupid' to bring up their children - this office thought it appropriate to put the 2 children in the custody of adopting parents because they judged them too dumb to raise childrecn. The parents were interviewed in the report - they were a bit simple minded, but loving parents - The house and childrens bedroom was neat & cozy - there was no sign of violence or abuse to their children, they seemed to love their children really a lot, but apparently a very superior, wise psychological trained chicken from the 'Jugendamt' thought, they were not good enough to raise their own children.

In the time of Nazi-Germany some (so called) officials, scientists etc. thought that all the people with a mind disease shouldn't have a fortune or a future & so treated them 'friendly enough' just like jews & gipsies in that time, just tried to extinguish them all. - 'Unworth living' - 'wertloses Leben' they were considered & called - & most of them got exterminated, as far as the force & clutch of the Nazis could reach.

And hearing 60 years later here in Germany that parents are too stupid to raise their own children, reminds me of that time (Didn't these judges ever learn anything?) .

Yesterday I heard that the Brussel's Court of Justice issued a sentence that these parents should get their children back -

How satisfying for me & for my yearning to avoid injustice!

But the scars of this misjudgment remain on that family. Now about 10 or 11 years old children coming back to their parents after seven years, hardly knowing them anymore, but recognizing in their surroundings, all the press & media trouble writing about their 'stupid' parents - will that ever be a harmonic & functioning family again? - I doubt it! - The growing children will despise their parents as soon as the parents will try to educate or rule them. - A sentence to bring back their children after seven years will never bring back their lost little children - they will learn to lose them a second time!

I saw them parents who lost their children 7 long years - ok they were a little bit dull & had might had an IQ of about 40 or 50 and their children an IQ of about 80 to 110 - but they were some caring parents - & who the fuck has the right to judge them? Self-rightneousness strucks blind & unconscient of own faults!

I know a lot of my formerly youth friends who were much more intelligent than their parents. A boy in my neighbourhood had parents working in the factory, - he later on became a high school graduate - Should he have been taken away because his parents were of a lower class of intelligence?

Likely: If children, that maybe got an IQ of 170 or 190 have parents who have an IQ of only 110 (like the stupid normals) - very low in relation you know - should also be taken away from their parents -

& then the upper class of people higher with an IQ higher than 150 should decide to whose parents or children they belong to, to keep the same level of IQ..

I think Mogli, the jungle child, never regretted the fact that he was raised by wolves - later on he became the hero of a R. Kipling book & also a a movie star - I believe he never got ashamed of his 'lower class wolf parents' they maybe had an IQ about 10 or 20, but were very intelligent to support their children with food & a snug home - & what more can you expect from parents - no child in the whole world ever asks his/her parents for intelligence (you know, it's so much of a gain to be be superior to your parents intelligence & enjoy to have found this escape key (JUST PRESS ESC)

- I mean - you go out in this whole wide world to find intelligence, freedom & all the other stuff & if you're fit enough you'll dig it - or else stay back like your parents IQ.

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