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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2004-02-29 - 12:36 a.m.

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OK - it's been a long time since my last entry (about a month), but I think in future I will perform more often - there's some time to talk & there is some time to be silent - but times are always changing - so listen dear people:

tonight I dreamt I was a woman (I can't remember to have ever dreamt to be a womant) sleeping together in a bed with a man who was gay & very childish - & we compromized to sleep the other way round - that means his feet same length grade where my head & for sure in some distance - OK - we weren't too close, not in touch & my only care was, his feet would not reach at my pillow - now in this dream I thought it a good idea to satisfy myself in a very female way & hoped this otherwas sleeping guy wouldn't notice it - I noticed that there came some lustful moanings of lust from my throat, maybe too loud for my neighbour to be overheard - but in second thought I thought - even if he hears it it, he won't touch me & he won't care, because he's gay..

hmm - I never dreamt such a dream under double changed conditions - feeling being attractive to an male 'beast' who' just gay & I'm a woman - maybe because I looked "Sex and the City" the day before - it's the problem of indentifying - you sometimes indentify in the main or not so main actor of a film, if he/she is sympathetic enough & your dreams reflect it - but later on in this dream this partner really had his feet on my pillow & I hated it - I somehow concentrated my mind in this dream that his feet should be a little bit lower positioned & so it happened - sometimes I can influence dreams like a regisseur, but I never wrote that script to be a woman in lust..

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