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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-01-21 - 11:31 p.m.

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the big theft

if my dream of tonight would be true, I would be by now stingy rich - well but also loaded with a whole bag of fears of being detected & caught -
so my dream tonight was: I was together with few people in some kind of mall or commercial center, entering some left rooms in the back, where no public people were anymore, - there we found in a big case a lot of bank fresh money rolls with all kind of Euros and cent rolls - I took at once of these some handfull of the rolls, but only those with the highest worth, like 1 & 2 Euros, not the cent rolls, because of the weight. I also knew, we were looking for paper money, so I couldn`t carry that much of this heavy metal money. -
Then outside & behind that building on a place voided of people - aah there I saw it - a big pallet about 2 meters high, still wrapped with package paper - & I knew at once: that was the big money - quickly I unwrapped the pallet, & it was of full of paper wrapped, bank fresh paper money packages - you had to tear open a little bit of each of the packages to see, what kind of money was inside - some hade 5-Euro notes, some 10-Euro notes etc. - & some even 500 Euro notes -

I knew I hadn't much time to get me as much as I could carry, because soon maybe we would be detected & chased - but I took only those bags with 10, 20 or 50-Euros & left those with 100, 200 and 500 Euros alone. I dropped even some of my metal money rolls away to be able to carry more of that paper money. I also had in mind, to take not too much weight with me, to be not too overloaded on my flight afterwards.

By then my fellows were just arriving, grabbing also the big money, but I was already cautiously prepared to get off, as soon as possible, knew that I got all what I needed - a million at least & quickly jumped on my bike, that stood just by chance there & drove away, aware, that people or police could arrive any moment.

But you know how it is: if you just robbed a bank or something like that, you have to find quickly a safe shelter afterwards, where no suspicious cops are searching. So the place were we found & took (who could resist?) that big money, was near the center of the city & near the main station. I had to get off that region at once & on the other hand I didn't wanted to go home at once, because I thought, if they caught anyone of my money-thieving fellows, maybe they would find out by them, were lived & they shouldn't find my loot there. - So I thought it a good idea, to hide in puclic - I entered a tourist bus, making a sightseeing tour & was for a while quite save under this crowd of people, the police would never think to investigate. But bad luck - the tour finally stopped at the station - the most suspicious place in town. All people left the bus, but not me. I duck my head, that no one could see me from outside, but the bus driver came over and asked me to leave. - I said I'd wanted to leave the bus 2 stations before & missed it & so am waiting for the bus to start the next tour - at least the bus driver accepted my excuse..

I still didn't know, where to hide my booty & still didn't dare to go home with it. - the dream from now on gets a bit confused in my memory, but I met then one of my former fellows from the money robbery. She also had escaped. She bragged about how she had taken only the 500-Euro bags of the money & so got much more than me. - I told her, that wasn`t wise of her, because she probably would find it hard to spend them later on without being caught, - cos probably those were all registered numbers. My wisely taken 'cheaper' money wouldn't be suspected, if I spend it.

I awoke then & this dream stopped with open ends.
Of course in real life I'm neither a burglar nor a robber - you see it even in this dream: all the fears you will have afterwards of being caught, to hide somewhere - yes crime doesn't pay. But on the other hand: who could resist, if you stumbled in such a huge amount of money, lying openly with no one around..

I think I was very careful & clever in this dream - ok - the theft wasn't sorrowly planned enough, as I didn't know where to hide the loot afterwards. But there was no time for planning. The dream started already on the place of action. Sometimes it's a good thing, that dreams also end as abruptly as they begin - well sometimes maybe not so nice if they stop in the moment of utmost pleasure..

Also in real life, when I was still halfway youth, but not living with my parents anymore, but with a flat-sharing community - that means me & a befriended couple - we found in the news, that the day before a bankrobbery had happened in a small village called Buechenbach - the robber had fled on foot into the woods, where he apparently hid in the ground his loot. Fled from there to a station, from there by train to Nuernberg (Nuremberg), where I live, & then got caught by police & because he tried to shoot his way free, got shot then. - No one knew where the loot was - somewhere buried in the woods.

Hmm - before I came to Nuernberg, I was born & raised in Schwabach, a small town 16 km from Nuernberg - the surrounding woods of Schwabach, were just the woods, through which the bank robber had fled. We, as children played often in these woods & knew them pretty well. - hmm.

So the guy of that couple who lived with me & me had the idea to have a long walk through these woods the following day. So we did! - OK - it was sort of fun - we never believed that we would really find the loot. - Short time before we returned, somewhere near the edge of the wood to Buechenbach - we really found a freshly dug open, but already empty hole in the ground at the root of tree.

Next day we read in the news, that a while before we had found that hole, a cop had already found the buried money. - I think it's a good thing, that we had not found it, because the girl friend of my friend was a real chatterbox, who probably would have bragged around everywhere.. - ok - but at least we could have got the finder's reward, that's about 10 percent..

There was last year a very succesful bank robbery in Ireland, with a huge amount of money robbed, one of the biggest amounts ever in the history of bank robbing -
But there doesn't exist that much high value Irish Euro money paper & the Irish government decided, to exchange all existing paper money with higher values with marked bank notes - so bad luck for the robbers - they can never spend that money..

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