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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-05-14 - 12:54 a.m.

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friday the 13th

Some superstitious people think, friday the 13th, is a day of bad luck, but:

"Als am 13. Oktober 1307, einem Freitag, der König von Frankreich Philipp IV, genannt der Schöne, alle Templer in Frankreich verhaften ließ, begann der Untergang des Templerordens"

Let me translate this for you:

As on October the 13th, a friday, the king of France, Philipp IV, called the Beautyful, let all templars in France get imprisoned, the downfall of the templar order began.

see Knights Templar - so the date of defeat of an order of crusaders (pauvres chevaliers du temple) who tried by sword to build an christian kingdom around Jerusalem & the temple & killed on that occasion a lot of Sarazenes (Muslims), should bring bad luck to you?

so for everybody who is not a crusader on tour like islamic warriors of Djihad, the day of the defeat of the templars, friday the 13th should be a day to rejoice, just like the day, when Bin Laden & his network gets extinguished.

Well - I don't like crusaders of any couleur & really I don't care about "Freitag den 13.en"!

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