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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-05-17 - 10:24 p.m.

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trouble kids

to the following I must say - Nürnberg (Nuremberg) is not New York or Berlin - it has not even 500.000 inhabitants & in most cases is most peaceful..

I just came home from work, selling some stuff in a supermarket & then there came in these 3 youths, 2 girls & a boy about 16 years old - the boy hazarded to drive quickly with his skateboard rapid through the shelves - a vendor girl was at once shouting at him, to stop him & tried to follow him with a second vendor girl to prevent further damage - but he was not to be found anymore - as quick as he had entered - he had already fled high speed through the exit, waiting outside for his girl companions left behind, who meantimes did what they apparently were obliged to do - I saw them at the alcohol shelves providing some alco pops & some bottles of beer, arguing, whether they had enough money to buy them - they hadn't cared to take a shopping carriage or basket, maybe because a grocery cart has a fee of 1 Euro & they needed any cent for their alco pops - so with arms full of bottles they went to the tills - still watched by the suspicious vendor girl.

& how predictable it was: of course then one of the bottles of beer slipped out the arms of one of the girls & smashed loudly on the floor, leaving a mess of brown shards & brown fluid - the girls quickly fled to the background of the shop behind some walls of shelves. But soon they were cool enough to enter again the row on one of the registers (tills). Meanwhile I saw the suspicious vendor informing the girl who sat on the register of their line, to not sell them alcohol, unless the girls could prove by passport, that they were already 18. Of course they couldn't show any papers, but swore with the eagerness of 16 years life experience, that they were 18. - That didn't help 'em. So they called the skateboard boy, still waiting outside the shop's frontdoor, to come in & show his passport. He came in & also had no passport - while arguing he asked the one vendor girl to look at his face to see, that he's 18 - that wasn't convincing too. So he rolled up one of his trouser legs - raised that bare leg covered with a light of black hair & showed it to the vendor - that should prove his adultness.

I wondered, what he would do next - show his pubic hair? -

Meanwhile I left the shop & walked home - a way of about 5 minutes long. Halfway home I heared a sharp squealing of car brakes, followed by a noise, like something was hit. I looked back & 50 meters back on the other side of the street I saw again those three teenies - the boy direct in front of a car, apparently had done another artists trick with his skateboard entering the street to impress the girls & hardly escaped a bad accident - one of the girls embraced the boy, but the driver of the car came out & they examined the front of the car, where there was apparently a scratch or dent or something the boy or the skateboard had caused - the driver was turkish & that accident happened just in front of a turkish game center - much more turkish came out & there was a lot of arguing, the 3 youth's tried to get away, and we know they couldn't identify themselves - but the turkish man tried to prevent them from leaving. It was close to a real fight. After a while the youth's really left the place, while the driver & some of the riot still were shouting at them. By the way - one of the girls still or again had some alco pops in the hands. Maybe they had gotten them nevertheless in that shop or maybe in the next shop.

Of course the driver wanted to get payed for the damage on his car. So he entered his car & followed the youths, who went the same way I was walking & then entered a house, while again talking with the turkish man. The last I saw, when they had disappeared into that hous, that the turkish man called someone by handy, probably the police & meanwhile a lot of those turkish people from that game casino had arrived there, guarding that house.

This was about 20 minutes in the life of these 3 teens. I wonder how much they get in trouble within only one day.

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