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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-05-19 - 12:35 a.m.

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diaryland colapsing?

recently I began to notice, that more & more often functions in diaryland don't work anymore - some days you can't see the recently updatet users - sometimes diaryland doesn't remember, that I'm gold member - now I used the search function to find members with certain music or author taste or from a certain country - that search brought no results at all - I couldn't even find myselve & I know what authors, music I posted & in which country I'm living in. (& also I sit in the same room, where I started the search..)

Yes & sometimes ist doesn't update anymore - I write a new entry & I go to my unicornsting adress & what I see is the last entry, even if I repeat the update function of my browser - only by clicking "newest entry" I get the newest one - I'd like people to see at once my newest one, not the 'yesterday's papers' - or maybe it's only stupid AOL, who doesn't show the newest (firefox does)..

Actually I hope, that diaryland doesn't soon break down alltogether. I think it's continually growing into millions of members, mainly by US-american school-kids, students, teachers, housewives & single women (in this order of masses) - I guess probably 90 % of the diary writers are female - hmm - maybe only 85 % & I'm one of these view male intruders who reside in these daily lands

- anyway - the growing masses of diarylanders seems to get harder to handle for the apparently small diaryland crew (or is it only one person - no that can't be) - but often it's only person, who control's it all, who knows it all & who knows how to fix it, if it gets out of control - but if this one person isn't available anymore - everything breaks down! -

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