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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-05-23 - 12:05 a.m.

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eurovision song contest 2005

yes I did it - i watched the European song contest last evening from the beginning till the bitter ending - see here some perfunctory reflections about it (Gentry de Paris wrote much more accurate, subtile and detailed about it)

he he - in the European eurovision song contest Germany was last, with only 4 points - the last 3 positions were Great Britain, France & Germany - so the 3 strongest Eu power states - that's funny!

I think these modern industry countries don't have much folklore anymore - & the most voters come from more traditional, old fashioned states - the modern industry states who have lost their tradition don't care too much about this traditional identity - the strongest voters probably are the emigrants - living in another state: that makes them very patriotic & very much voting - that's what mostly everybody in exile does - vote for their people, without reasoning about the taste or quality.. - that makes it all so false - it's a nation's conquest, not a song contest, what it really should be..

yes I know since long years - this eurovision song contest is mostly kind of injustness - if in Poland there were 12 points for Ukraine, means: they have a lot of guest workers of Ukraine there.

Here in Germany & the Netherlands live a lot of turkish people (in Germany about 10 percent - that's why these countries vote so high for Turkye - & then there is the multi-split Yougoslavia - also the Ex-USSR
split to pieces - that gives so many little states in the same culture circle with about the some taste - & they always vote in the same direction..

maybe France & Germany should also divide in those little states they originally were - in Germany: Bavaria, Franconia, Prussia, Saxons, Thüringen, Friesland, etc. etc. - in France: Aquitania, Bretagne, Burgundy, Normandie etc. - they would probably also vote for each other

so the main voters are all orientic musical influenced (even the english 'blonde' singer tried to copy that - it's the Balkan who rules this contest - & Greece is the centre of these balcanic states, being the older, the more distinguished & experienced one. why where Greece, the cheap Abba copies of Bosnia, Israel etc. all 'Blondes'? - the German interpreter was all black (I didn't like her from the beginning & her intonation of voice from low to high pitched voice was very poor (Kate Bush was much better in that)

- alas - attitudes, south-east european music tastes & nationalities mainly influence the results - most of my friend don't care in the least of eurovision song contest, because they all know it's has no real meaning but some commercial nations pride's show off..

but I think It's always interesting to watch these nation contests, like I watch sometimes the Fußball (soccer)- Weltmeisterschaften (worldcup) in the last few games (being usually not at all interested in soccer), or oeven olympics - just to see, how they behave in their national contests - let's say it's just a social study.

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