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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-05-25 - 12:57 a.m.

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Maybe I'll vote for Oscar Lafontaine

.. usually I avoid politics, because I know there's no perfect system & in the least it's always an endless struggle between the eternal same different powers of different minds & goals we stupid mankind long for or crave for -

More often the more reckless & primitive powers rule in politics - & the voting sheeps are easy to be lured to accept plans for their abuse, enslaving or slaughter..

The sense of democratic politics is to prevent the worst powers to rule & if they're apt to that, they are quite good - everything above this is dream goal & nice to have..

But today I really came down to say some words about actual German politics, when I heard, that Oscar Lafontaine left the SPD.

But let me declare:

Most of the european countries except Spain & Britain (& may some smaller countries?) got meanwhile conservative government, that's in the moment the trend in the wake of absolute commercial powers ruling the governments - also here in Germany there'll be probably a change next autumn, because in almost the singles states of Germany now the CSU/CDU (like the republicans in USA) has won the elections - the government, who still had one more year to reign, now decided to have new votes this autumn, because they can hardly rule anymore if all the states are conservative ruled..

Our government in the moment is the SPD with cancellor 'Schröder' - (the one who has been against the Irak war) , reigning together with the smaller Party "die Grünen" (foreign minister Joschka Fischer) - you remember that in some stupid US-Media the French-German-Russian alliance against the Irak war, was called an allegeance of weasels - I think that was one of the few reasons why people voted for him - because people appreciated it, that he refused war-adventuring.

7 years ago I voted for Schröder, becaus he was SPD. 4 years later on I voted for Fischer (die Grünen), because I didn't like Schröder anymore, after seeing his politics & with his new power circle bullying Lafontaine aside..

- the Kanzler (chancellor) is the same title as the president in the USA - our 'President' is only represantive can make no decisions, but has sometimes to say more or less wise words to certain situations on official occasions - & should be neutral to the political parties.

Schröder is on power since 7 years - but I think his politics became more & more close the the Conservatives politic - oriented on the needs of economy powers, more & more unbuilding (demolitioning) our social system, once one of the main goals of the former socialists.

So the people who once voted for the SPD lost faith in this formerly worker class party, because they couldn't see any difference anymore to the CDU (see Orson Wells 'Animal Farm', where in the end the ruling pigs of the freed animals couldn't be distinguished anymore from the cruel humans) & also influenced by the high numbers of unemployed & classes of people getting poorer & poorer, by unfulfilled promises etc..

But like in Gallia the single little village with Asterix & Obelix there were a few inside the SPD, who withstood the new only capital-oriented powers & stood for their beliefs against the party's mainstream, so got nearly banished inside the party - Oscar Lafontaine is one of them, the former chief of the SPD. - Today he declared to leave the SPD party & make a party of his own - left to the SPD - I hope a lot of the 'true' socialistic SPD'lers will follow him.

Let's see, what he has to say then - & if it's convincing enough, I think I'll vote for him..

But realistic - I guess the conservatives will win the next election, those who I 'd never vote & maybe it's good if they reign for a while. If by then the situation gets the same or worse - then the masses of voters may will recognizefor a short time , that it was not the party, but mainly the unstable, changing globalizing economy, which in it's unhindered, uncontrolled blind ego course will create a society, where the rich ones get more rich & the poor ones will be enslaved or starve.. (greed finds its way)

What I strictly refuse in the name of CDU or CSU (the bavarian sister party) is the "C" in it - CDU means christian democratic Union -
I believe church & state shouldn't be mixed - of course a politician can be christian, or of any other religion & believe whatever -

But there shouldn't be a religious called party - that quite naturally excludes other religions or Atheists. What about islamic or jewish or buddhistic Germans? - I wouldn't vote for such a party, if I got other religion. - In fact the former Zentralrat of Jews in Germany (Friedmann) was (is) in the CDU - also islamic politicians are in the CDU. But then, dear CDU, CSU - please just change your name - you're not a church warriors & crusaders party anymore. I don't want church of any religion involved in politics - not in politics & not in terroristical acts.

Here a link to more information about O. Lafontaine's political opinions

but enough of politics for today..

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