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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-05-27 - 1:24 a.m.

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joking or what?

There are people who all the times are telling jokes - they seem to have a big pool of memory for jokes (often obscene ones) & see it as their unholy mission to alway get their surrounding people laughing or at least listening to their jokes, entertaining them, whether they like it or not, to get the portion of approval these kind of entertainers need. - Well - I'm none of them.

Usually I don't tell jokes - I'm one of those people who can't remember jokes, becaus jokes have no importance to me - they're to me like water, that splashes on a stone - it's here & then it's gone & my mind doesn't repeat or keep them, just waste 'em away, like the mouse click at a junk-mail.

But recently I heard a little joke, apparently still in my short memory part of brain, that just came back in my mind - it was a nice one - so why not tell it? - I hope I get it right in english & don't mess the point..

Here it is:

Someone is calling at the Smith's family - a little boy answers the phone & whispers: "Hello?"
Caller: "Is your father there"
Boy (whispers): yes, but he's busy.
C: "May I speak then to your mother?"
Boy(whispers): "no - she can't - she's also busy."
C (laughs): "Aah - I understand! - well but it's very urgent, could you please call your bigger brother to the telefone?"
Boy (very softly): "No - he's also busy"
C (getting impatient): "What they are all so busy about?"
Boy: "They are seeking me!"

wasn't that a nice one?

This is probably the one single joke I tell in diaryland for years - but never say never..

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