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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-06-02 - 1:20 a.m.

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Spices from India, China & Siam

So since Monday only 3 tv senders have survived here, those that are pursued (carried on?) by the state - & for which we have to pay 48 Euro per three-months - it's like a time warp back in the early 70ies, when there were no private senders available - only these 3 state-driven senders. So I'm back to the past & wait till these programms are changing to black & white - so please state controlled media try to influence & educate me.

But I see in this diminuished place between boring discussions & reports, some really jewels of old culture films, never to be seen anymore, of some very good documentation about music, literature, history, people's culture today worldwide (is that anthropology) & the real truth about the Marsanians (no - I made that up)

My thaiish friend Peo has often thai film videos etc. sometimes comedies etc. - but when I sat with her & some of her other thai friends seeing comedy etc. without understanding a word - I just could see, that most of it was a very simple humour, not so sophisticated we are used to have in our 'upper' comedy - ok - we have also all kind of primitive trash -

Peo lives here since about 15 years - her German is moderable - she'll never get better, because only the young (like her daughter) learn a new language perfectly. She once told me about Thai-Film that most of it seemed to her like 'Kindergarten', since she got used to see films here - She said: "In an thai film there would not be ugly people, characters, - all actor's have to be totally beautiful - & let's consider, with only beautyful actors you can only tell sweet lies stories, not the real life.

Since the 70ies I considered Indian, Chinese, Japan films as cheap, meaningless & pretending, stupid action or stupid romantic, lower standard to my western art film culture sharpened senses, like films from the fifties - but since some years I see a high emancipation of film makers in Asia, that started with Japan, but recently I saw also some very good films from China, Hong Kong (I forgot the regisseur's name) and was relieved that these films have gotten much better, dramatical & true, not the "Kitsch"-Films I was used to see from this countries before - & this boom continues, spreading even to India & let's see, where else on.

Like the goods "made in Hong Kong" or "made in Japan", was in the 60ies & 70ies a synonym for (cheap made - no quality) - we meanwhile get highest quality in high tech from there.

Our western fatigued culture repeats & got slower creating new ideas & style, tending to repeat more & more the succesful patterns of art & style that's in endless repeating is no art nor style at all - the eastern culture is hungry & new & explores new shores of expression, invades & gets to new heights, young & wild.

Since long time western culture has been dominant & influencing to the east - but the counter strike is "ante portas" & I foresee big culture centers in the east are coming - spreading worldwide & influencing taste & style -

I think in future there'll be new culture center's that influence the world & americans now dominating film industry will not dominate forever. Greece once had to give the ball of culture to the Romans - these had to hand it over to the former northern barbarians and so on..

Will there once be a time when high culture has spread worldwide & the ball of culture cannot be moved on, getting somehow synergetic, & synonim? Do you know how it tastes if you mix all kind of food to one universal kind of brew. Hmm, I guess, that's not the best of all - that's just the worst (I think that's what our stomach does & we call the result 'shit') - Arrgh -

Will it by then be very boring worldwide or totally ueber-interessant. I think by then, we should kick the ball of culture to the Marsanians & get totally primitive & barbaric again!

PS: (Ja Tina), nur ARD, ZDF und BR haben hier überlebt.

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