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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-06-02 - 9:09 p.m.

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hangover & dreamt tears for Sarah

I got a bad hangover today. Yesterday I was out & had 3 beer, coming home around midnight, but still not yet quite content to go to bed, I remembered I still had a bottle of red whine at home. Why not take a final glas. The wine tasted good - I was in high spirit, while rambling in the internet & some long time later, while I was surfing on a long wave of timelessness & wine spirit to the end of the night. Not quite the end - I think it was 4 in them morning, when the bottle was empty, the last drop in my glass inhaled & I slipped to bed.

Good, that I didn't had to get up early - I woke up with bad headache, tried to sleep on & on to over-sleep the hangover - & was in the afternoon 4'o clock slightly recovered to go to my part time job in a driver school, that starts at 16:30

3 beer & 1 bottle of red wine - that's definetly too much for me - & I hate, to have an hangover - that means a spoiled day afterwards.

Hmm - should this entry all be about my hangover? - Usually I have 3 or 4 themes in mind to post daily - but if the spirit is low - just leave it - or become one of those funny persons who just write, that they have nothing to say in many words..

but I have something noted (I always make notes) yesterday of a dream I had the night before - here it is:

Did you ever dream, you had an urgent need to pee? Yes, you did! Such a dream could end fatal. - So I dreamt I was in a big building & had this urge, but couldn't find a bathroom - so left the building to a very crowded street, followed a smaller passage, were only few people walked, followed ways & paths to something like a park - where I hoped to find trees & bushes & be able to relief myself - the need to pee was really pressing. So seeing the park in front of me, I began to run, but there were few people coming from the left, with a lot of little dogs, like pugs etc. - these dogs seeing me running, started to follow me, yelping & berking. To get rid of this dog gang I turned round to them & stomped heavy with my feet on the ground, to chase them away.

But there was someone, who apparently didn't like my chasing away the little dogs. A big dog came out of the bushes like attacking me - coming closer I noticed her as Sarah, our big hungarian sheparddog, we had in our community on the country 25 years ago - when she was just some metres away I called her name & hoped, she would recognize me still. So she did! She jumped for joy around me & at me & I stroke her then knelt down to her, joyious embraced her with both arms, my face close to her shaggy fur on her head, not caring, wether she was dirty or had flees or something.

And by then I thought, that she now had probably lived for long time alone in the park, while we all had forgotten & neglected her for such a long time & became very sad & started to weep out of regret..

that moment I awoke, still with that feeling in mind.

Sarah must be dead now by over 20 years & now she has jumped into my dream, maybe just to say good bye. Good bye Sarah - it was nice to meet you once again!

& this is what Sarah looked like:

she had the colour like the dog to the right

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