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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-06-16 - 2:11 a.m.

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Michael Jackson case acquitted

Hmm - yesterday in the news I heard, that the jury decided Michael Jackson not guilty - I think it was some kind of witch process - all the media hype -
I was never quite sure -
let me quote Gentry a while ago: "Why does the world have such a hard time accepting the fact that Michael Jackson is a stark raving lunatic child molester?
If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck: it's a duck."

Ok - I was also rather sure, that he did more or less some of this 'fiddling about' by all what was in the news in that case - but not quite - so I wouldn't judge.

A female friend who once was a fan of M.J. - but in the last year detested him, because she was sure, he was a child molester - this evening she called me - I hadn't heard from her since last autumn. She had just seen the news of the acquittation of the case & asked me to write for her a mail in internet to M.J. - with a congrat from her with her full name - she know's nothing about internet & thinks internet has magical abilities, to reach whom-ever, whatever within seconds, internet as the gate to gods & everything, like the druids once did. She insisted so much, that I promised to write this congrats - went to a M.J. fanboard, where you could post something & wrote her congrats in a very short line - of course I hid my mail-adress - it was not my entry - but I noticed that in few seconds rhythm a lot of fans & also same M.J. haters wrote there in - some thanked God for this sentence, few cursed him to death..

Anyway I hope he will never ever build another children's paradise - he can't be that stupid & now all the worlds suspicious focus is on him & suspicion seeks its goals..

There is a difference (maybe slight) between paedophilians & pederasts - the paedophilians - I think - are child -fuckers, -misusers & -rapers - they are the worst kind - the pederasts (a similar group) is a more gay older men group who like male youths - quite common in one long time ago time by the Romans & the Greeks, where in a certain time, about 500 B.D. (before Christ) & boys were sometimes preferred to women for sexual activities - a philosopher of that time wrote: "if you're not content with the woman you have, you can still use her like a boy (that meant 'from behind') - I just read this in an document somewhere in the web..

In my youth I once worked in the Munich Justice presidium - only for some months - then they fired me for being kind of disrespectful - they didn't quite used this word.. - I had to type there a lot of these crime protocols, when a father had slaughtered his daughter with a dog chain around her neck & things like that - you sit there type & type on & wonder what kind of really strange crimes happen all day all around you. & there was also a case of an child abuser - he lived very close to my adress, - he didn't muerder or rape, but he seemed to be very succesfull to lure boys of age 10 to 14 on beaches etc - the story was always the same, - he seemed to be somehow attractive to them, by what he told them or by his attitude? - but it seemed, that he made things interesting enough, that they trusted him, layed with him on a bed or something & let him fondle their genitals - I typed the protocol of one boy, who met him very often - the abuser also gave little gifts - so this boy visited him again & again & didn't care too much what happened to him

About 1860 in London the British Goverment decided that Prostitutes shouldn't be allowed to be younger than 12 - that means they allowed 12 year old girls to be used (abused), mainly by bourgeoise class men, who searched virgins - high prices were given for 'true' childish virgins - but this was legalized only 150 years ago.. - it's really strange, that in this modern time of western christian prudity ruled society, society didn't care about this child abusing

A lot Cesars, Kings & Emperors anyway could in older times use sexually any inferior they wanted - that was no crime for them! We should write history new, for what a lot of these glorious kings, rulers etc. did in misusing inferiors.

as to Michael - the jurors decided: "in dubio pro reo" - & I think it's right - you can't judge if there are some doubts left, even if your by 90 % persuaded - what about the other 10%?

& we all know the story in the old bilbe about the wife of the Potiphar in Egypt who tried to seduce Joseph - but when & as he resisted her temptation, she accused him of having molested her & he was put in prison.

But I think M.J. really shouldn't start another children park nor invite any children in his house anymore nor even be seen in close relation to children nor become an ambassador of UNESCO, he really shouldn't. - I fear, some of his fans, now totally convinced of his innocence would gladly send him their own children, just to show & to prove how much they believe in him! But dear Michael Fans: "in dubio pro filius"!

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