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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-06-17 - 4:46 a.m.

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what's the point in channels

So after they shut down my tv channels I could reach by antenna (I told you before) - last week I bought this DVB-T receiver for extra- terrestral tv receiving - it's a receiver with digital tv - I have about 20 channels now & I can use it with a external USB-Harddisc & also put it network with my pc - I did not quite get the point how this could be useful to me - I strictly seperate media - Tv is tv - pc = Pc & my stereo tuner & cd-player etc is another unit - I don't want to have it all in one multimedia box joined, because then, if it's broke, all is broke - there are these fax & printer & scanner units - I like them seperate - so it's not too desastreous if one of them breaks.
But this USB-Disk attached to the receiver is a fine thing - I can use it for video recording, but also for data storage on my PC (it's 170 GB).
At least some of these channels promise more culture - I got 'Arte', that's the French German bilingual channel & has a lot of art films, historical or ethnological documentations. Yes & that's much more than the only 7 senders I still had last months, years & centuries with just 3 senders by state & also the other 4 senders, mainly maintaining cheap american soaps, issues & action films, repeating on & on..

on starting this entry I had a point in mind - but while writing it, I quite forgot the point - what could be in such an technical telling entry be pointy - I have the feeling I have nothing to say, if I just tell things & stuff & words & sentences, without letting it get to a point, an essence, like a joke needs a point - or it doesn't function. Did you ever tell a 'not pointy joke'? - Well I'm not a joke teller. In my fantasy reading time one of my favourite authors was "Theodore Sturgeon" - I think I have about 12 books from him, mainly shortstories. But all of his stories have real pointe, a certain clue, that makes them like a parable. I got never dissapointed by reading him.

The point is often the aprupt change of a story line in the last moment to a quite not expected direction, when it all comes to the show down, the happy end or something quite else, that give the whole story & scene quite another aspect & view. - In a joke this turn makes you laugh - in a story this turn makes you feel more experienced & wiser than before (or you had already expected it & then you feel somehow more clever)..

There was a wood chopper in Canada who for seven long years cut wood. & after these 7 years he went to Montreal in one of the Casinos, played Roulette & set all what he had earned in these 7 years on the "red seven". - The ball rolled & rolled, rolled slower & click - it was the "black six" - The wood chopper, who had just lost thus all his fortune shrugged his shoulders & said: "Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen!"

Yes I know - it's a bit mean, to change to German in the point of this little joke, while knowing most of you don't understand German - but I did it only to give this entry a little point. On the other hand: "Maybe this Canadian had German origins, or he had French origins & this sentence was the only German sentence he knew & thought it appropriate in such a situation"

But the tell the truth: this joke wasn't really that pointy - you'll miss nothing by getting it not translated. But may it could have been very pointy? - You'll never know!

& if you look in your dictionary, you won't find these words, because they are conjugated - you'll need an expert.

Hmm - I think this made my boring technical entry in the last moment somehow pointy - didn't it?

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