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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-06-20 - 4:15 a.m.

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didactical foto shooting

Today I had a foto shooting with a friend, who's involved in fashion (somehow) - well she asked me, whether I could make some fotos of her in different clothes & style, so I visited her with my digicam & we made some shootings. In traditional cameras you have a film & then about 24 or 36 fotos etc. - you maybe have 1, 2 or 3 films for a shooting - but in a digicam you have a chip, a memory chip - I have a very big memory chip of 128 MB in my cam & she wanted fotos, as long as it lasted - good that I didn't had a 256 MB chip in my cam - she would have been endlessly greedy for fotos on & on - hoom & didn't tell her, that I could have moved the content of my chip to her PC & so start fresh with an empty memory chip - I thought, that 4 hours of foto shooting was enough & there was enough of 'good' & 'usable' pictures in my cam - so I showed her the red light on my cam - which said "stop it! - which just showed my state of mind!

Later I moved the pictures to her PC. - We watched it in the browser of 'paintshop pro' - in this browser you can see all pictures in a very small size, but by double click you can get them full size.

I let her do it. - She doesn't know much about computers, but she bought hers for internet, which meanwhile she is able to reach. I also had told her, how to write & read e-mails. She can start the PC & close it down, but of course she doesn't know about 'paths', 'directories', & where files, docs etc. are. . So her main data directories I put on the desktop & had told her, where to click & sometimes she even remembers - some other times I have to come.

She has still the problem to act with different windows etc. - but I told her how to use skype (an internet telefone prog) - so I can skype telefone with her for free on our flat rates..

Where was I? - yes you could double-click the pictures in the browser for full view. - I let her do it! - It was hard for her to do it - I mean the double click - it seldom worked, - she clicked & clicked & clicked & in most cases it needed some time, still she succeeded in opening them - After a while I had some little mercy with her & changed in the system controls the mouse double click speed to 'very very low'.

It was easier now, but nothing had changed in her succeeding, she was as unfortunate in double clicking as before. My teacher instinct said - let her try it again & again, after a while (or some years) she will get better. Few times I helped her to click, when she had too much tries in vain to open the pic.

Did I tell you, that there where 117 pictures to open & I let her do it untill the bitter end, without seeing a real improvement in her double clicking abilities.

How cruel the mind of a teacher can be!

Well maybe I should have told her, that she could have also opened the pictures by just pressing "Enter" (she will kill me, if she ever reads this).

But on the other hand: Do you know how long it takes to sit near a person who uses millions of clicks to open 117 pictures? - So think about it, how patient the mind of a teacher can be!

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