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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-06-22 - 5:15 a.m.

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doubting that bookworms are interested in reading

I quite dunno where to start today- in Alisons place today I read something about book meme - this made me think about my books & all those books I've been reading in my life (of course I did not think about all those books I hardly remember) - & I thought about my history line of the kind of books I've read since my childhood - I have in my flat hundreds of books, but that's only a small part of those who revealed their letters, words, contents & spirit to me, a lot of them from libraries.

But while I looked a bit at my books on the shelves from the floor to the ceiling & took some books up from a staple on the floor in a corner of my work room, an older book with yellowed pages - it was one of my fantasy reading time, 'Killobyte' by Piers Anthony - a story about virtual reality

By taking this book in my hand I notices something like a black point on it, watching it closer it looked like a bore hole - a bore hole of about 5 mm radius.

Who does bore holes in my books?

I opened the book & was shocked - there really was a channel going into the book for about 1 cm deep - luckily it came from the buttom of the book & didn't reach the precious letters - look at this:

At once I thought about 'bookworm', whatever that is - who is that dangerious insect, who tries to dig tunnels through my books?

strange in the background on tv, I don't really watch, they're just burning books - real strange coincidence - has the attack to books already started at all fronts?

On wikipedia I found:

"Bookworm is a popular generalization for any insect which supposedly bore through books.

Actual book-borers are uncommon. Both the larvae of the Death-watch Beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum) and the Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum) will tunnel through wood - and if paper is in close proximity they will pass into that.

A major book feeding insect is the booklouse (or book louse). A tiny (under 1 mm), soft-bodied wingless psocoptera (usually Trogium pulsatorium), that actually feeds on molds and other organic matter found in ill-maintained works. Although they will also attack bindings and other parts. It is not actually a true louse...

The bookworm moth (Heliothis zea or H. virescens) and its larvae are not interested in books. The larvae are pests for cotton or tobacco growers as the Cotton Bollworm or Tobacco Budworm."

that didn't tell me what it was - was it the Death-watch Beetle? - That would fit to that some months ago an undertaker's establishment opened a shop in the house I live. & now the Death-watch Beetle digs it's way through my books - did the undertaker send him? - Maybe there was also a coincidence with the title of the book 'killobyte' & a virus out of virtual reality dug his way out to my very own virtual reality in my lovely but very small mansion under the attic?

Tommorrow I'm gonna check my other books!

hmm - or maybe a sandworm escaped the books of Dune & tunnels through my properties - where is my sandworm-trap?

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