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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-06-27 - 3:50 a.m.

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Like ice in the sun..

I'm melting to pieces - it's so hot here in my attic mansion - it's still above 34 degree Celsius (that's about 93 degree in Fahrenheit) here in (short time after midnight!) - in this hot sauna zone I can't even wear clothes & even sitting on a towel, for not getting my seat insulted by human sweat - every touch of cloth makes me sweat on & on & can you imagine sleeping in a Sauna? - I look down at my feet & see they are already molten (melted?) like plastic heated to some hundred degrees & I see that my belly & lower part of body also have started to melt to a very bright mass on my seat (looks like creamy plastic foam) - so I can't even move anymore - just sitting in front of my computer & typing a last S.O.S: "I'm melting - please someone out there send me some cold air & freezing atmosphere."

Do you know that melting makes you smaller & smaller (I think if I'm totally melted down to the ground (& it even doesn't give you semi-sexual kicks) I'll have about 0.5 cm height, but at least all of my floor will be protected by a slight antiseptic cover of plastic)?

But still I can see my screen & my fingers & brain still work - so if the melting started from my toes - my brain will probably be the last to melt - I think in that moment I'll be already unconscious - that 'd protect me graceful from seeing me - my brain melting - I'd hate to see that!

- argh - the melting process is coming up to my shoulders - S.O.S - where is the anti-melting company - I really wonder whether I'll get restored, if it gets some hundred degrees colder here - will I ever get toes, feet, knees & hips (& this tiny little thing, that makes male life worthwile) again?

I wanted to put here in a foto of my melting body - but my digi-cam is 2 meters away - too far away for a half melted person..

All I wanted to say today, that I hate it if I sweat continiously without sitting in a real 'Sauna'!

I'll declare my flat in future as 'non Sauna district' - I hope 'heat' will understand my warning sign, or I'll fight him with a real bad 'cold'!

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