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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-07-08 - 4:01 a.m.

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Une larme et mille des roses pour Edith Piaf

It's dangerious for me to enter a bookshop, especially a bookshop like the '2001-bookshop" - I spend too much money - there are all these nice books, literature, history illustrated tomes etc. in combination with CD's, DVD's - the more you look - the more you buy.

I just wanted to buy another copy of a book I recently bought there for a friend. I knew exactly on which of the shelves it was, could have taken it, payed it & left, but then I gave in to the temptation to just look around. The result was, that I left the store with 3 books, 1 DVD & 5 CD's.

2 of the books, the CD's & DVD were lowered in prize, but even then - I shouldn't visit this bookstore too often.

One of the CD's was Edith Piaf at the prize of only 1,99 € - Of Edith Piaf I had already heard in my youth - she was known as the legendary 'voice' de chanson from France of the time before me - Only 'Milord' & 'Je ne regret rien' were known to me - it was not 'our music' in my youth - but I was always slightly interested in french chanson, and always had liked these 2 mentioned chansons of her, so I thought: 'why not - at that price? - that may helps me to improve my french' -

Then I saw a second CD of her & thought: 'may I'll miss some important songs of her on the first CD - so why not take it too? - it was as cheap as the first

But then I detected also a cassete of the best of 'Edith Piaf' with 3 CD's, price 4,99 - ain't that cheap too? - so took it -

I thought about putting back the first 2 CD's, because I now got 3 'best of' CD's - but you know how it is - 'best of' never includes all important stuff, mainly the hits etc. & misses often the hidden treasures of the original cd's (formerly records) - & you know how it is, if you had already decided to buy it u won't drop it anymore.

but before leaving the letter 'P' on the CD shelf I noticed a Edith Piaf DVD behind the CDs 'Un vie de passions', only 4,99 € - so why not take it? - why do they sell her so cheap? seems she's a bit out of fashion nowadays -

when I left that shelf actually there weren't any Edith Piaf discs left there -

When I came home I had already lost most of my interest in these CD's & put them in a corner - Why had I bought them? - That is not the kind of music I usually hear - apparently I've had another attack of 'Kaufrausch' that usually gets you in some stores when you just can't stop buying.

Later in the evening I watched the documentation on the Edith Piaf DVD - it was interviews with friends of her, with herself, excerpts of some of her late concerts etc. - also interviews after her death - her funeral when about 40.000 people gave her last honor, including her close friends & even Marlene Dietrich.

The docu made her very loveable to me, but also sad - there were parts when I had tears in my eyes - you should have seen her in some of her last stage performances, so fragile, already signed by the wing of death , but still so strong - she fought her sickness till the end, because a life without singing was no life for her.

I had become deeply interested in her life - I read on one CD cover that she was born 1915 and had died 1963 - actually she had died at the age of 47. - The documentation didn't tell the circumstances of her death, but I noticed that in her last years she looked to me much older than 47 - by her face she also could have been 57 - I thought: 'maybe she had a lot of alcohol in her life'

so I searched for more traces & tracks of her life in internet, where you can find anything (except gold, jewels, money & oil). -

Edith Giovanna Gassion was born on 19 December 1915 -
Her father was circus artist, her mother street singer, she was raised in her first years of her life by the alcohol addict parents of her mother, then by her father's mom, who was cook in a bordell - at the age of 7 helped her father performing on the street & became street singer herself, left her father when she was 15, continued as 'môme' (streetchild) & made her life by singing on the street, got detected by an bar owner, who invited her to sing in his bar (he gave her the artist name 'Piaf' which meant in 'argot' (Paris slang) 'sparrow' & her performances soon became so famous, that she got known by & aqquainted to more important people in the music scene - you can read more detailed e.g. in or other sites you easily find googling "Edith Piaf" -

She became the singing star number one in France & famous worldwide, had a lot of love affairs & also long times of drug & alcohol addiction
had affairs or was married with componists, musicians, the american boxer 'Marcel Cerdan' who died in an airplane accident - she was actor in some films & her concerts, mainly in France & America were enthusiastically appreciated by the audience. She died in Cannes on 11 October 1963 of lever cancer, married with a 20 years younger Greek singer - it's said with tears in her eyes.

She lived very intensive, love & fame addicted & after all what I have seen, heard & read about her within the last 2 days, - but she was a very strong & tough woman - In some early fotos she seems so cool & cold like a inaccessible primadonna, but in later years she had sometimes the open smile & attitude like a child, makes you love her - I believe she had a big & golden heart & I almost fell in love with her - why is she dead already?

Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien
Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait, ni le mal
Tout ça m'est bien égal
Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien
C'est payé, balayé, oublié
Je me fous du passé

Avec mes souvenirs
J'ai allumé le feu
Mes chagrins, mes plaisirs
Je n'ai plus besoin d'eux
Balayés mes amours
Avec leurs trémolos
Balayés pour toujours
Je repars à zéro

Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien
Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait, ni le mal
Tout ça m'est bien égal
Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien
Car ma vie
Car mes joies
Ça commence avec toi...

& if you switch to this site:
francisdionne ,you can hear her singing 'Je ne regrette rien'

this all remembers me to an old song by the 'Who' - 'Pictures of Lily' - about someone who fell in love with pictures of a beautiful woman & tryin' to find her - & later find's out that she's dead since 1929 .. 'ooh how I cried that night'

oui et certainement: Edith Piaf was a wonderful woman et une femme très admirable!

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