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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-07-09 - 4:04 a.m.

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Hot chilly, thai karaoke & cheap wine

today I was invited by Peo my dear Thai friend to a birthday of her collegue, about to happen in her shop - she makes Thai pressure massage she had learned with diploma in a buddistic monks temple in Thailand (Siam). Let's get it not unmentioned, that I'm the webmaster of her internet site I built some years ago.
Since I know by experience, how these thai birthday parties work out, I came very late at about 8 p.m - & it was just the situation I had excepted & feared - about 8 thai women were dancing on the floor, shouting & singing karaoke songs to the running karaoke video display - sharing about 2 microphones -the texts of the songs were written on the screen in thai & also in american sound pronounciation - 3 men of these dancing girls were sitting around - should I be the next one to sit there around, watching the girls dance? - I didn't like to offend them by just leaving, so I thought, why not drink a glass of wine or two & then maybe leave - but the first glass of wine was such a cheap sweet wine, that I secretly poured it away, I tried one from another bottle - a little bit better, but I added some water to it to be able to drink it - almost everybody of the guests had brought a bottle of wine - but most of them probably the cheapest one from the discount market - my sharp senses quickly showed me the way to better stuff - ignoring the 2 or 3 open wine bottles - I detected some better wine standing on the birthday table & opened that - so at least the vine conneusseur's part of my mind was satisfied -

but there were also plates with snacks on the tables - there's a high difference whether these snacks were made for thai people or for Europeans - these snacks this evening were probably all meant only for Thai - all snacks I tried to eat, were so extremly hot chilly spiced, that even one bite hurt like hell fire in your mouth for about 5 minutes - but if all your taste senses are already killed, you can continue - one of the girls tried to force me to dancing floor & finally got me there after conquering all my refusing power, but luckily the song was over seconds after I'd reached the dance floor, giving me oportunity to flee back to my observer seat in the background - in my youth I did a lot of dancing, but my music was rock & pop & all that kind of music - but definetly not can I dance to this eversame thai-music - nor can I dance to a Strauss-waltz - that's just not the music, that gives me kicks to move my limbs to rhythm on a dance floor - & I don't like to look on the dance floor like an awkward clumsy bear
later on they all wanted to go to a thai disco continuing that karaoke singing etc. - I was the only one staying, while they all left - karaoke is one of the delightful funs some people get crazy about, that doesn't even give me the least shadow of delight - I went home alone for my studies & internet & was quite happy that way..

did I tell you that I'm still stark drunk by cheap red wine - I better shouldn't! (hmm - I now wonder, whether 'shouldn't' is referred to 'be still drunk' or 'tell you' - does it make difference?)

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