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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-07-15 - 2:33 a.m.

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Deeply terrified by 2 pairs of scissors

Did you ever got 2 used scissors sent to you by post, without comment? - Well I got.

Today I got a little parcel by post from my dear friend Chantal, who lives in Australia since some years. We still have regular e-mail contact. But since some weeks there was no e-mail reaction anymore -
Sometimes I'm also a lazybone to answer my mails & sometimes you're just too over-occupied, that you can't get your head free, to find the right words for a mail - so I have high acceptance & understanding for e-mail partners who won't answer for a while.

But: Today when I came home frome work, there was this little parcel in my letterbox. Noticing that it came from Australia by sender Chantal, I got excited. What could be in there? - I opened it & the contents fell out on my bed. And it was: just two used scissors - nothing else - no note - no nothing - both chrome & sharp - one had black plastic cover over the holes where you put your fingers in -

that was strange - that was mysterious - no reactions by e-mails anymore & then sending me 2 scissors - how ominious.

Strange thoughts flashed through my brain: some strange tragedy happened - she & her friend planning suicide & - scissors as sign for cutting off the thread of life? - but since I know her as such a positive person & her friend also as not a man easily depressed - this seemed impossible to me.

then I remembered that she had said before they left some years ago: "the bond between us will never cease" - so my next thought was, that the scissors should show the cutting of this bondage -

I really was bewildered - there was no logical explanation for this sent scissors (Me personally never send scissors around)- there are cultures where people get dead birds & stuff like that laid to their door, or some strange signs, written to their housewalls as a foreboding, to something about gonna be to happen - but that's an act of hostility by enemies & for sure, Chantal is never ever an enemy to me!

Had I written something wrong in one of my last e-mails to force this reaction? - I looked through our last mail - no there was nothing hurting or defending from both sides.

I thought about customs officers who maybe just exchanged the contents, took the precious contents away & instead put some scissors in.

But I gave up this idea, while smelling at the scissors - you know every woman has a certain kind of smell (that's what makes them so sweet), mainly just a mixture of the kinds of perfume, makeup, shampoo etc. they use. - These scissors had around them a sweet scent of woman's hair & definetly of Chantal's hair. So no exchange by customs officers 'Douane'.

The next step was to call her by telephone there in Australia, which I rarely do - because e-mailing is so much cheaper - but of course no-one answered - dead line!

My next thought was, maybe she wanted to go by plane somewhere & because you can't have sharp & knife similar objects in your luggage, she might have sent them to me. But this idea didn't quite convince me. Why send 2 scissors all over the world at an expense of postage that maybe is higher than the worth of the scissors. Or were they the special kind you never ever get again in your life, which you possessed since childhood & never will give them up? - The only treasure you'll dig out if your house burns down are these precious scissors..

I really felt sad (actually I had tears in my eyes - it remembered me to the call I got some years ago from my parents, when they informed me that my younger brother had died), I had the feeling that some tragedy had happened & am ashamed to really have then googled internet for ominious meanings about scissors.

After my several in vain tries to call her I wrote her a mail to answer at once.

& 10 minutes later she actually called me - with happy voice & I thought it was the reaction to my mail some minutes ago - but it wasn't - just by chance & happy interferring of fate, she had the idea to call me from overseas & so extinguished immediately all of my fears & troubling.

She tolde me, she is with her husband on a trip through the USA & the only reasons why she had sent me these scissors, was in fact, that of course she couldn't take them in her luggage into a plane - you know anti-terrorists rules - so had no other idea on the airport, than to send them to me. (why don't they consider Lady's slips as terrorist weapons? - (just joking))

we all understand that scissors like this taken to a plane are only meant to cut the pilots heads off - I don't understand why they don't find that easy opportunity to move your sharp threatening things in a basket & getting them back after the flight - every little boy scout wants his little pocket knife to accompany him through worlds wide wilderness!

So this drama went out to be a very ridiculous drama & all this imagination of a worst case scenery was just a projection of my paranoic mind!

If further on I get by post axes, knives, chain-saws & machineguns, bombs & all this stuff you usually carry around, sent by her in little parcels without any notes to me - I will understand: "she's just on another trip!"

I gave the scissors a nice & dry place in my museum of those things friends leave here, while they're away..

Later in the evening I grounded a self-help group for victims of scissor attacks in an internet forum - but the only 3 applicants still now got only threatened by one pair of scissors - & there was this weird guy who swore he had got threatened by dozens of scissors (how unbelieveable! - you usually get only threatened by two..) - no - I only accept members with the experience of 2 pairs of scissors threatening! - I mean, you don't have the same emotions, if you got threatend by only one pair!

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