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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-07-29 - 5:04 a.m.

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Pizza massage & feet hawaii

today I have too much themes in mind & have to decide what to tell now. I'm very unskilled in making decisions - the way of too much decisions often paralizes me that much that I don't do nothing at all - every decision could be the wrong decision, so you sit paralized for years on your chair, without any chance to move on (slightly exaggerated) - simple minded people never or seldom have this torture of choosing for a decision - they just stumble & blunder on their broad path of way in their simple minded one way truth - be it right or wrong - their belly, their strange belief of old traditional religion or religionical tradition or patriotism or youth cult religion or whatever (or their c or c (cock or cunt)) told them what to do..

Should I tell that it was 35 degree Celsius today in Nuremberg (Nürnberg) - that I fled my over heated attick flat today to the country side, where I ended this evening in a small beer garden?

But when I went back to the station - there was a subway & evelators and also stairs up to the trails - while I entered the elevetor up to my rails - there was this pissy stench in it & in one corner you still could see a puddle of pee - what kind of guys pee in elevators in the early evening on a station that's full of people - the way up is not even a minute - what do these pissers do, if the evelator opens - people want to enter & this peeing person is not yet done - does he then aim with his pee ray at these people?

- Not to mention, that, when I came back to Nuremberg the elevator also had that stench - argh - there must be hordes of late night everywhere around peeing people around there - or maybe railway servants spray this urine smell inside elevators & dark corners in the stations, to avoid people hanging around there. - Anyway I hate these public dirty places - & I hate public toilets, using if ever (close to never) I need them, layers & layers of paper to sit on this disgusting, bacteria ruled, uncleaned place ..

No - this was not what I wanted to tell today - I think it's better to talk about the pizza I ate yesterday:

I've been visiting my friend Elfie - she had some computer problems, a not working printer & some changes to do in her website (I'm her webmaster) - so I've been there till 2:30 in the morning - in the end it became tedious - she always wants to change her website & what she likes this week she dislikes next week - so it never get's real done - she's one of the person's who always re-arrange the furniture in her flat, buys within one or 2 years another bed, another cupboard, needs new carpets, all kind of new furniture & all & more than all - she's the total contrary to me - if I like an arrangement - I'll leave that forever - I got other & new things to do, not always want to rearrange what's already perfect - I couldn't live with her - she would drive me crazy - (Did I already tell that I once (20 years ago) lived with her & she halfway drove me crazy? But if you love a woman you're so patient & endurable)

But at least she paid me for my PC-doctoring & and in a pause we ordered a pizza, just the theme I wanted to talk about:
it was called "Pizza capriciosa" - so with ham, artichokes & black olives - but while we ordered it, we had the idea to mix it with Pizza Hawaii (you know Hawaii is Pizza with 'Schinken' and 'Ananas' - that's ham & pine-apple) - so ordered these capriciosas with pine-apple added & this new creation was soo delicious - I can highly recommand it - why not stop reading this boring entry & order this delicate combination of ultimative ingredients at your next pizza-service available or aren't you hungry now? - I know you are hungry - so come on - dial up & get it!

Glad that now I can write on without that bunch of Pizza greedy people reading me - so I change the theme.

Theme changed.

Again I changed my decision - what today I wanted to tell about Canary Isles, rocks & lizards, seems a bit too long for today - je suis très fatigue already.

So instead a short fragment what just came in my mind - I remember a glimpse of a dream I had last night - it was of an old friend called Gabi (Gabriele - my friend Ed, 20 years ago, once called her a 'Fee' (fairy) - a soft mystical girl by then with long blonde hair - - I lived two times in my life together with her & her former french friend in communities - also 2 times in our lifes we got in bad terms for some years (real enemies for a while) - but 'Zeit heilt Wunden' (time heals wounds) - the last trouble was because her last friend told me things while they were fighting & asked to don't tell her - I wanted to stay neutral - but she suspected me by wrong words given to her from another guy - I won't tell this too detailed - but there was a bomb of relationships exploding between us - just like that - I knew before, that it would happen, but couldn't stop it anymore (because you never know whether it's the blue or the red wire) .

Anyway - after some years of silence & even meeting us on the street, but not greeting - we met last year on the 'Bardentreffen' (bard's meeting) a Nurembergian musical event every Summer, where about 40 or 50 folklore groups & bands play everywhere in town - we smiled at each other & just talked about neutral things, about the bands around etc. & may we meet later in the evening - which actually we didn't that evening..

Later on we met sometimes for very short time on places like: the crossing of a street: she on a bycicle, me trying to cross the street - in a baker shop, while I was under pressure for an appointment - so 'zwischen Tür und Angel' - I don't know the english expression for that - it could mean 'between door and threshold' - but it's an idiom (or saying) - so probably expressed otherwise in english .. - but we never called again by phone or visited us - maybe everyone waits for the first step - should I mention that we live only about 200 meters from each other - she's living next street -
& that all the time I was in bad terms with her I was still befriended with her son Jeremy by e-mail (I never told him the reason, why we were be-enemied (wild guessed word construction - maybe it becomes a new english word!?) - I never want children to get involved in the stupid fights of us adults - meanwhile he's about 19, but I never would have said a bad word about his mother))))) - I hope I closed them all))))

but this dream tonight was, that I was sitting with her on a table - we were talking & I offered her a massage - because we were sitting side by side actually I massaged one of her feet then (I'm a good masseur also in real life) - so in this dream I massaged like I used to do it, every single part of that foot - the camera in my dream showed every detail, the ball of the foot, the heel, the toes - I exactly know the lines

Later on she changed her position & I couldn't quite remember, which foot I had already relaxed by my massage & thought it blameable if I, as the professional masseur couldn't remember it - (I had this situation in real life once) - but then found out, which was the still uncoddled foot.. - while massaging this one in detail - I know the kind of strokes - I woke up -

I really wondered - why I wanted to massage her feet in this dream - I could remember that I wanted in that dream to prove to her, what an excellent masseur I am - I had in mind to massage her back & neck in that dream - but the starter & in that dream only possible arranging situation was her feet -

I always ponder about the symbolics of a dream afterwards - .. offering to massage the feet of a friend with some devotion (of course I wouldn't had offered that even in a dream to a male one) - hmm you know what it means - I really should do some efforts to re-animate our old friendship - I think I'm gonna call her & make an appointment with her to one of the summerly shadowy beer gardens or concert places around one of these days..

you see how it happens - I wanted to write about lizards..

but now I have to leave for today, because I'm gonna use my last energy this late night for today to write a lawyer's letter against dog's castration - but that's maybe a story for another time.

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