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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-08-03 - 6:14 a.m.

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weather entertainment by DB

Today again I visited my friend in Burgthann, going there with train, but taking also my bike with me, my kind of travelling in the closer surroundings of Nuremberg nowadays. I won't tell about her. - On my my way back I still had about a lot of time for my next train to Nuremberg to arrive in Burgthann - so I drove with my bike on a path along the railway through the woods to the next station Mimberg. When I arrived that small, lonesome station there - it was short before dawn, no other people around there & still a half hour to wait.

Along the platform there was a small shelter with plexi-glass walls & roof, but open to the front with some seats. I hate it to wait on stations & also to wait in all those other waiting rooms of life

& the light was too twilight already to be able to read a book (I almost always carry books with me, if I go to train rides lasting longer than 10 minutes).

Ok, so I had about 30 minutes of all alone time thinking about my life & other things (are there other things?). But some minutes after I had hesitatingly started this thinking about my life thing - it's like chewing the same gum over & over - no I wasn't that bored, but I'm impatient - why didn't they already invent beaming?

But then fate had merci & decided to entertain me while I was waiting.
The weather show began - very black clouds concentrated on the skyline above me, some drops of rain were already falling & against the silhoutte of the trees on the other side of the rails against the changing colour of the sky became pittoresque & I rued it, that I didn't had my digicam with me.

The wind became stronger - so the rain. The black clouds had already crowded all over the sky & it became dark like night. Good that I was sitting under this shelter from the rain, that got stronger & stronger. There was thunder & lighning on & on & the atmosphere became more threatening, much more threatening - I began to ponder about where flashes hit & whether I was flash save in this small open shelter - but at least the rain didn't get me.

I'm one of the people who hates it, if he sits in an theatre in the audience & then some actors or comedians try to involve you in their play - I'm an observer who likes to watch undisturbed, just the peeping audience - I don't want to get involved if it's not my own decision - I want them to entertain me, but please each one stay on his side of role. - My tv at home never asks me to get involved. But this nice weather entertainment on this station changed the attitude & even tried to envolve me, which I didn't think to be that entertaining anymore.

The wind got stronger & stronger, the trees were shaking, their twigs moving dangeriously - good that they were about 20 meters away, but the wind pressed the rain inside my shelter, that was about 2 meters from front covered with roof. Rain shouldn't fall vertical. Didn't it ever hear about the rules of gravity? - I pressed on the back of the wall to not get too wet in my light summer clothes. But there was no dry place to be found anymore. - I thought about my raincoat that I had in a bag on my bike standing outside - but the wind had already became that hurricanical, that I didn't dare anymore to take these few steps outside - never in my life I was out in such a violent storm - I had the idea to climb on of the seats on the back wall - so I was closer to the roof & so had more shelter from the sideway coming rain.

I heard sirens howl from the village below - like in a war, before the bombers come - thunder & lightning & I hoped that there weren't branches from the trees hurled at me by that vicious hurricane.

the shelter cell from the railway company was defintely wrong constructed - it was open to the west - just where the hurricane came from. - I also wondered, wether I could step out the few meters to my bike outside & enter the train if it would arrive. Luckily I had arranged my bike in the wind shadow. I had fallen by the wind, but at least not blown away.

As strong as the storm was, as short it was. Just in time before my train came it has almost ceased - rain & storm had lost their teeth & claws & had become a tame kitten again.

So definetely I survived - at least my waiting for my train wasn't boring.

Next day I heard in the news that a lot of damage was done - a lot of trees fell down - one man in Forchheim got killed by a tree, some people bad hurt - I saw in Nuremberg roofing tiles & branches lying on the streets.

& I'm glad, that that storm didn't start 15 minutes earlier, when I was still biking through the woods, because as much as I like trees - never trust a tree in a hurricane..

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