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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-08-28 - 1:09 a.m.

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all about penises & vaginas - part II

I just watched a show called "Genial daneben" (could be translated to maybe: 'geniusly astray') - well it's a show about curious facts questions sent to the show redaction by the audience - there's a show master who reads & moderates the question & a half circle of prominent comedians try to solve the riddle, often just for fun with wild guesses , that are really funny sometimes - if they can't solve it in a moderate time, the moderator breaks after some warnings & the one who sent the question gets 500 Euros -
I just mention this show, because today there was on of the questions: "Why does a male bee closes the vagina of a king bee with a slime pug, after he has done his sexual duty on her (fucked her)?"

Of course they couldn't guess it, all of their wild guesses of bee male rituals defending the bee queen from the semen of other bees were wrong (I think english folk call it the king bee - but ants & bees are ruled by a female, a queen who collects millions of semen, to produce her state & subordinates) -

the answer was curious - this slime plug inside the holy sexual opening of the queen bee has the ability to reflect ultraviolet light - so becomes a light sign for all other male bee drones to just enter this lighted hole, remove the slime pug from the predessor, put his share of semen in & plug the opening again with another light reflecting slime cork - well maybe bee drone's are really dorks, who can't find the right way to put their little penises without this traffic sign, leading them the right way..

I just wanted to close this entry, but now remember, that recently I downloaded a very funny picture of Moby Dick & his dick - so fitting to the theme - why not come from tiny bee penises to this snap shot of a whaley 'thing' I found recently in a website of curious pictures:

I hope you don't think I'm all about penises & of course I won't talk about mine - but I can't resist to tell another crazy penis behaviour story of animals life: - there exists a little octopus in the mediteranian sea (you know, where the Greeks, the Egypts, the Romans etc. thought it be the only one big sea) - this octopus called in German 'Papierschiffchen' (that means little ship built of paper) often really sails on the surface of the seas in something like a nut shell (similar to the houses snails got) >

- fishing with his catching arms in the sea under it - but it has also a special tentacle - that's the penis tentacle - if the male octopus feels ready to copulate - maybe his penis tentacle is all loaden, he just sets this tentacle free - like Salamanders loose their tail - the single penis tentacle now swims freely in the sea, trying to find a female 'papership octopus' - if he (it) finds her, he clings to her finds the way into her female opening like a snake & explodes his masters semen inside her - he dies afterwards - he dies anyway if he can't find a female octopus within about 3 days.

Imagine us human male one - just sending away your penis for some days to may find a woman to copulate, but so anonymouse - at least that saves the male ones from maintenance payments - hmm - I don't want my penis just to crawl away for his own adventures - where is then the fun in it? -

At least these papership octopusses get another penis tentacle grown within some months - well but maybe they're a more sophisticated race than us poor sex obsessionend human race..

Ok - I can't stop it, just remembering another animals life copulation curiosity - there is a certain race of fish livin in the Amazonas river, where the male fish wear their penis on the right side of the body, others on the left side. Of their female partners there also some wear their vagina on the left side & the others on the right side - that means that only fishes with a penis on the right side can copulate with a female with her vagina on her left side etc. - Imagine we humans had that problem - on a date may you ask first: "you are left or right orientated sexual? - .. Oh I'm also left-centered, so we actually don't fit, good bye & good luck for a fitting guy"

- or we had signs on our clothes that'd indicate us as left or right wearers - but maybe by then all the left male wearers would join with the female right wearers a religious party & otherwise & these parties would fight each other like in our known older habitude of religion wars - but what happens, if one couple of the left-right ones wears gets a baby fitting to the right-left ones - hmm - crucify it - hide it? - maybe it's the elected one leading both races together again? - in the other party in the same time there is also a baby born tuned sexually otherwise - well we could make a film out of it - where theses sexual wrong figured children lead their enemied party to a final positive end of reconsiling & find out in the final act in the final wisdom that there could be also be sexual contact with an otherwise built partner, if you would lay together contrary (like 69) - so all people unite & live happily & endlessly forever together - still the 69 lovers versus the 96 lovers build their own parties & that's then part II of that film..

I really should stop for today talking about penises & vaginas - you see where it leads to!

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