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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-08-29 - 5:39 a.m.

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toda for the moss for me & my brothers

I got this foto recently from my parents - I had thought it was lost, because my younger brother had once lent a lot of the old family foto's & they never came back - at least I had thought so for long years - (my younger brother is dead since about 10 years) - so I asked my mother whether this foto were I was sitting with my brothers on the moss in the woods, when we kids were about 5 to 7 -
yes & after some searching my parents found it -

I took it with me - just to scan it & save it & preserve & post it & at least save it to eternity - well at least for some short while.

There are memories coupled to that foto - I can exactly remember under which conditions & in what situation it was taken.

it was about the 1960 - we 3 boys lived in with our parents in a 2-room flat on the country (small village) - a jewish ex-work collegue & later friend of my father who meanwhile had went to Israel, visited us with other 2 other young Sabres (male & femaile) from Israel - his name before was Siegfried here - but in Israel he changed it name to Jitzchak (or similar), but was called Sasha. - Sasha wanted to show his friends the woods here & 'mech' (spell the 'ch' in mech like the 'J' in spanish 'Juanita' or the 'x' in Mexico (spanish spelled)) - 2 hebrew words I had learned on that day by the Israelis 'mech' & 'toda' - mech means 'moss' & toda means thank you - I remember they came with a black old car, where there was a removeable crank on the front of the motor to start it - so we all drove into the woods & had a walk there -

I really wonder how 5 adults & 3 children got in that one car - but in that time you could manage & you didn't even had to use safety belts.

& there in the woods existing mainly of spruces & pines was this foto shot - we 3 brothers sitting on the moss in the light dome of a friendly pine wood.

Guess who I am in that foto - yes you guessed right, - but hey you - you guessed totally wrong! - I was the prince like boy just in the middle - the left one was my younger brother, the one to the right my older brother - but only one year in distance to each other - by my face expression I was a smart & wide awake keen little boy by then. - I was always the diplomat between the struggles of my younger & older brother.

Do you see our clothing? - My jacket & trouser was handmade by my mother - the haircut was by my father (we hated the ceremony of hair cutting that always hurt a bit - I mean he wasn't in the least a good coiffeur & knew only one style to cut hair - you see that?

Do you see how green the moss is, where we sit upon? - Ah yes - you can't see it - colour wasn't yet invented in that time..

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