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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-09-08 - 3:21 a.m.

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Sighing for New Orleans - part I

there was something totally wrong in the mastering of the Bush's government of the catastrophe of the hurricane 'katarina' - I heard a report where someone was telling about a Lady who was waving for 7 days out of her window for help - some days later they found her dead. - I saw another report when a helicopter of red cross for help came to the dome in New Orleans - someone shoot at this helicopter & they quickly returned for that day - hey there where thousands of people waiting for help, but the single helicopter returned - there should have been a task force of army within short time available to safe-guard those helpers - I mean one shot at an helicopter isn't an excuse for no other help on that day - including 1000's of people in need -

probably the official talked for days & day, how to resolve this proplem - one comitee after the other - you know they need hours to come to a conclusion & then they maybe decide on the next day & then the sub-coordinated comitees have to decide, how to coordinate & deligate & organize all that stuff -

I believe a whole lot of people just died by this incompetition of superior government - a help research isn't the same as the preparation for a war - Mr. Bush is probably totally experienced in war preparing - that needs some weeks or months to make the attack perfect - but seriously Mr. Bush: this is no well prepared war against your own people - you don't have to plan this help action in world wide media for day & weeks!

Our German Chancellor Mr. Schroeder refused to join the Iraq war - but he won his last election, because he helped the victims of the flood of the 'Century" at the 'Elbe' (big river in Germany) so quickly with all force of help companies & armies, quick & not buereoucratic help was the leitmotiv - so people appreciated that & voted for him again..

But on the ohter side: About all America hates how Mr. Bush managed this catastrophe - anyway - he has nothing to lose - because he can't be elected anymore..

Mr. Bush is probably more apt for war experience than for solutions in his own country - you just can't plan a catasthophe on discussions for long time planned war strikes - it isn't the same! - If the own people die on these long week preparations, than it's not so prospering for our country, than if the people of the other country would die - this isn't war! - hmm, but maybe to get rid of some poor white & black trash was just welcome for the Bush goverment - only the best survive!
I'm really glad to live not in a Bush reigned country if desasters strike.

On this theme I yesterday found another (american) diarylanders entry -
she seems to be a bit of patriotic (I hope not over-patriotic) - but I liked what she said in this entry.

I think she's much closer than me to the scene, what really happens there - so why not read her article & the 3 or 4 articles before - they give you a picture what happened there within the last days & what people around there feel about it. - I read only these few articles of her - so don't know her yet, how to assess her till now - she seems to be a bit overwhelming in decisiveness for what she thinks is right or wrong - a real warrior for truth, that gives her a lot of disciples (for her truth? - for our truth? today I think she had the right words for the situation, so agreed with her..)- there are a lot of warriors around - of all kind of confessions - & that's all the trouble in this world - thinks my peaceful mind..

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