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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-09-21 - 2:05 a.m.

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looks like pee, smells like pee - but is not pee

today I came home from my friend in Burgthann - as usually I returned to Nurenberg by train, having my bike with me - they have since some years a special waggons on trains for bikes & kinderwagens etc. - that's a compartment where there are only tip-up seats on the sides, with a lot of free space in the middle for bikes, planes & all that stuff. -

So I sat on one of the tip-up seats with my bike besides me late in the evening, while the train was undisturbed by my boredom 'railwayin' on his route to Nurenberg.

- I usually read a book when I journey with train, because the only sense of riding trains is: to use this long waiting time on the long rail for reading - or do you look out the window with all those by-passing bushes & trees & fields & houses & bushes & trees & bushes & trees & trees & bushes & bumble bees & bushes & trees & fields & bushes & cattle & bushes & some other bushes & bushes & bushes ..

If I have a thick, since long unfinished book - I take it on a long train ride with me & usually I succeed in finishing it.
But I hate it if in the evening in a train the lights are so dim & diminuished, that you can't read without spoiling your eyes - slumber light - I don't want to sleep or slumber in a train - I just want to read there - there should be reading lamps at every seat. And if in the Pisa studies about knowledge standards, Germany recently had that bad results - it was only because there are no reading lamps in German trains. - They sell food & all kind of drinks in trains, they have sleeping waggons, but no real light reading lamps - the railway company apparently doesn't know, why a certain percentage of people drive in trains - they don't care about my needs but they sell tickets to me the same price as for those eaters & drinkers & sleepers & 'look-out-the-window' gazers..

So in this dim light, guarding my bike, I sat there in a 'nothing to do mood', at least you still can let your thoughts roam & float about.

After some minutes: hmm - do I have something in my bag to find something to distract me? - I found, that I still had a bottle of Coke there in, my friend gave me that evening - I rarely or seldom drink coke - but why not take some sips? - I had the open bottle in my hand & then wanted to search on in my wide open bag, which might conceal some other interesting things to me. I put the still open bottle on my seat between my legs & with one hand holding the cap of the bottle, the other hand inside my bag. But then - suddenly the train began to shake & I feared the bottle would drop. So my quick reaction was the 'Huckleyberry Finn effect' - you remember the scene when Huck disguised as a girl, wearing a frock etc. & came in a hut to a woman who suspected him to be a boy & found out that he really was a boy by throwing something onto his lap - he, of course, pressed at once his legs together to catch it, what of course a girl, used to wear a frock, wouldn't have done. Of course this test wouldn't prove nowadays anymore.

But I reacted like Huck, quickly pressing my legs together. Did I tell you, that the 1 liter coke bottle between my legs was made of plastic, very light plastic - well & the bottle was open. So my legs squeezed the bottle together & a fontane of cola errupted like a fountain & streamed down over just in my lap, leaving a puddle of coke right under me &
my trousers wet just on my lap & the inside of my legs. - You know what it looked like - (no-one would believe me, that I didn't had peed just on that place (how embarrassing!)).

Luckily there was no-one else around in this waggon & I quickly changed my place, leaving this treacherious puddle behind, giving it a blaming gaze from my my new seat (who did that?) - I pulled my shirt a bit more down on my frontside & put my bag on my lap to hide this false testimony. I tried to figure out about the safest routes from Nurenberg station to my home, that no-one could see me.

At least it was dark, but of course a big city is so high-lighted & I quickly unseen escaped the lighted station.

Later at home I went hungry into my kitchen. My Thai friend Peo had given me the day before a nice meal with rice & 15 cm big shrimps, but also some unknown thai-ish vegetables.

But when I entered my kitchen there was a smelly air - in fact it was stinking like someone had peed into my kitchen - this typical ammoniac smell.. oorhg!

I had the pot of rice & shrimps in my refrigerator, but the allready cooked vegetables, were some white roots lookings pale like asparagus.

Two of that roots I had already eaten yesterday - they tasted neither good nor bad, but somehow healthy, but that the left one cooked root could develop such an evil stench, I couldn't have imagined.

I quickly destroyed the source of that pissy smell by eating that last root. At least it didn't taste pissy, so at least my tasting senses today weren't hurt today.

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