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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-09-23 - 1:32 a.m.

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Do teachers torture?

I`ve been working for long years in a software company where we developed didactical learning software. We had an author programm developed, where you could transfer any kind of knowledge in some chapters & lessons (learning units) & afterwards testing the learnt lessons with tests like Multiple Choice etc. - & the programm was intelligent enought to let you repeat on reaction of your results

I liked & still like the theme of didactic & the programm was nice, but my boss sold it much too expensive - there were soon similar programs on the market - much cheaper - the software giants killed all little software companies in that time..

& the worst: it was the time when PC- Users changed their systems from DOS to Windows, but my boss refused to recognize the change - he couldn't believe, that nothing is forever! - I heard him saying: "what do you need a mouse for?" - he didn't like that modern windows stuff - but when -much too late, he recognized the ultimate neccesarity to transport his teaching software to windows, he wasn't able to do it - he could maybe have found some younger good programmers who would have done it for him - but he feared, like a hamster, that they would might steal it, take it away from him - so our small company with his old-fashioned meantimes unsellable teaching software just bancrupted & maybe my Ex-boss live by wellfare now, still hoarding his precious software source of his once genius teaching software..

I tell this by just quite another reason: - A friend of mine is sometimes involved in a fetish scene, where rubber & leather & all that stuff. She sometimes goes with her friend to these fetish parties - & as she told me, she plays the dominant part then - the funny thing is that in normal life he seem to be the superior part of them - well maybe it's a good thing if they change their roles for a while.

Anyway a while ago she asked me what is CBT? - Of course I knew, having worked for long years in a company where we produced CBT. CBT = 'computer based training' (teaching software) - it's the standard expression. -

But what does CBT do in a fetish scene? - Hmm - I told her: 'Maybe they do something with special sm programs or something with education be e-mail or..hmm'

When she had asked me, that was about an year ago, but today she called me & doubted my explanation of CBT. I asked her, why she doesn't ask one of her fetisch friends, but of course she doesn't want to show her lack of knowing about this abbreviation in that scene, where everybody knows (or at least everybody pretends to know & in fact no-body knows)..

Convicted now that CBT probably means in that scene something else like 'computer based training', I googled it & within a minute or two I found - it means in fetish language: 'cock & ball torture' - oohm - that's not quite the same to what we did & developed in our software - I mean they could have abbreviated it a little bit more disguised & closer to the original meaning of CBT, like 'cock & ball training' that would've been closer to the origin (or what was the origin?)- & that wouldn't sound just that rude..

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