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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-09-29 - 1:05 a.m.

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deceptions of a fortune teller

In english they have the same name for the American Natives & the people from Asian India - in German there are different words for these totally different race of nation - maybe the Americans still believe in Columbus error -

in German language the Indians from America are called 'Indianer' (those of South America are sometimes called also 'Indios') - but the people from India are called 'Inder' - you shouldn't have words with too much different meanings (of course in German exist words that have about 10 or 20 meanings like 'Zug' (look in your dictionary or read Mark Twain's journey tales))

Anyway - after this prelude I can tell, that today an Indian (from India) with turban & indish clothing entered our office - you know I work part time in a driver school after my programmers career has ended) - he came in in friendly smiling & greeting & I greeted him inviting - my a new driver pupil, but more likely he was just another person tryin' to do commercials for his own company or the company he works for - givin' us flyers or leaving his businesscard - there come about 10 times more people of this kind in our office with the front door directly to the main street, than people who'd like to announce at our driver school.

I greeted the Indian friendly - he came slowly over to my desk - I asked him "What can I do for you?"

He gave me his 'business-card' - I read it, there was something about palm reading & at the same time he began telling fortune sayings like this: "you' are a happy person - you will have a lucky & fortunate future - you don't smoke & you don't drink - you're a very positive person..." etc. - what proved he was a false prophet, because actually a got totally drunk last weekend on a feast - what does he know about my drinking habits.. - he asked, whether he could speak english - I said 'yes' - then he asked my see my palm - I smiled & refused it, saying "I don't like have my fortune told" - he was somehow taken aback - he had one hand in a pocket & I heard there some clicking sounds, like coins or stones moved - his hand came out with a little semi-precious stone - he gave it to me & said: "this is your luck stone - I give it to you" - hmm - reluctantly I laid this dark green small stone on the table between us - I didn't trust that 'gift' &anyway I don't need a luck stone - I don't believe in all this superstitious bullshit - he said then some other fake prophecies about my good fortune etc & then opened his briefcase, where on one side I could see a foto of a big family & one the other side 50 Euros (little bit more than 50 bucks) & asked me directly for a gift for his family - apparently this 50 Euros should show, that only big donatians are welcome - you won't put cents beneath a 50 Euro note - but I had the slight idea to just put 10 cents there - but that would be too offending - so I told him , that I don't have much money, but maybe I should have told him more directly what I thought -

when finally he realized that I didn't had intention to pay him for nothing -
he left, but of course took solemnly back his little present, the luck stone I wisely had left on the table between us. Good that I didn't had given him my palm to read - he would probably charge me..

..I remember an old blues song line "..there's 2 kind of people I just can't stand - that's a lying woman and a begging man.." - sometimes also sang as: ".. .. and a cheating man"

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