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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-10-02 - 3:06 a.m.

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See Life in Sea Life & other octopusses

Since spring - there is a SEA LIFE aquarium establishment here in Nurenberg too.

"Sealife is a network of marine life aquariums stretching across much of Europe. Each of their attractions offers a unique insight into the lives of a myriad creatures from shrimps to sharks."

There exist about 20 of this sea life aquariums in Europe, most of them in Ireland & Great Britain (7) & Germany (8), but also one in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain & Finnland.

There exist 2 removeable Sea Life's worldwide - one of them here in Nurenberg - like a circus the big tanks & the passages through them are situated in a mixture of big tents & light barracks - they will leave to another town in about 2 years.

I had invited my parents (they live in Schwabach, a small town 16 km from Nurenberg) some months ago for their birthdays to a visit to SEA LIFE, but it needed long time to really get it happen. (Both are older than 80).

My older brother from Stuttgart who wanted to come visiting my parents for this weekend for some days, also wanted to join us for that visit. So we wanted to pick him up at Nurenberg station at 1:30 pm., then go to a restaurant & afterwards to SEA LIFE, but he called us just in time, that there was an accident on the railway - a train coming from the other side had crashed with a van & jumped off the rails, a lot of badly injured people involved - so that passage was for probably one day totally blocked- so the passengers had to be transported by busses to a station behind that accident & then wait there for a train to transport them on & that needed a long time - so finally we could pick him up at a quarter to 5 pm - just in time to reach SEA LIFE at about 5 pm (they close at 6 o'clock) -

Since my youth I like the mystery of the sea - this other world of the deep sea, so hard to reach for us - so much mysteries still unsolved - I was always fascinated, when I visited one of those big sea aquariums, with those big tanks not only with sharks & rays, - all these strange creatures of the sea from sea needles, glassy jellyfish, muranes, octopusses, seahorses, lobsters, flounders.

OK - the Nuerbergian SEA LIFE was the smallest of these sea exhibitons I visited, but still impressive - do you know how strange shark & ray eggs look like - like parts or fruits of a strange sea plant & we saw tiny little sharks & rays of about 10 cm length that had come fresh from the eggs some days ago.

In the 80ies I was in the New England Aquarium in Boston - in the last view hours before my flight back to Germany - I remember they had there that big tentacle of a huge octopus (frozen or somehow durable prepared) no-one had ever seen or testified having seen an octopus of such a size & only last week I had heard in the news, that Japanese scientists had filmed an live octopus of just that size.

3 or 4 years ago I visited the 'Musée Oceanographique' in Monaco, the biggest Aquarium of whole Europe, with also an nautical museum grounded by Prince Albert de Monaco.

There were big tropical reef tanks & all kind of northern sea creatures. I filmed in the tanks & could have spent all day there, but I've been together with a befriended couple & their kids & their interest of observing & exploring was much lower than mine - so we spent only about 2 hours there. - Monaco in one day - that is impossible!. If you explore new realms it's the best to do that alone tells all my life experience - exploring groups are stupid, the bigger they are, the more..

One year later I visited the SEA LIFE near Paris in the VAL d'Europe, Serris - in a big mall there. - It was about twice as big as that one here in Nurenberg & included also a lot of reef fishes - those are the most colourfull & ah yes I also filmed the inhabitants of those tanks there.

Isn't it a shame, that I was so close to Paris & didn't visit it. Yes it is! - The reason is that I've been invited by my friend Sandra, to come with her & 3 little kids (age 3, 4 & 9) to Disneyland near Paris, which of course I took for granted to also visit Paris. - She had booked this trip with her husband & the kids, but in the last moment his business didn't let him go - so she asked me to accompany her instead. - Lodging in Disneyland's blockhouses & entrance was paid already - I just gave my tribute for food. - But with 3 little children all focussed on Disneyland - that was a full time job, that was: no way to take a trip to Paris - so within reach I didn't even see le Tour Eiffel.

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