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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-10-11 - 4:53 a.m.

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morning mist asleepness

Early in the morning today I woke up - well it was much too early to get up, but like always if you wake you take a quick glance to alarmclock, noticing reluctantly that there's still plenty of time - another short glance at the window - already daylight, but there was something where white outside - I looked closer & saw, that a white mist like the vapor of a washing house, like a white cloud, that has landed to the ground was outside, a ghosty atmesphere so misty that I could hardly see the church in front of my window. & the one hand I wanted not to get too awake, to be able to sleep on, on the other hand I at once thought about making a nice snapshot with my cam at this misty atmosphere outside.

Half awake you really are a lazybone - especially me - but the cam was very close to my bed - hmm? - then I remembered that I had first to put in the rechargeable batteries, that were still in the recharger in the other room - a long way to go for someone still half-asleep with the plan to sleep on. -

Well astoundingly enough I really left my bed for the batteries, snatched my cam, slid quickly back in my comfortable bed, put the batteries in the cam, aimed, & really made a shot at the window.

My sleepiness succesfully surpressed my eagerness to go the the window in the next room to really make some good shots of that misty atmosphere outside - at least I got one & I slept on.

Many hours later - it's not good for the skin & mind to get up that early - I watched my single shot:

you see this milky white scheme outside the window is the Gustav-Adolf-Church in front of my window & here you see how I see it from my window on clear days:

Did you see plant tentacles on the left of the first picture above? - That's my snake cactus - he dwells in a flower pot hanging on the ceiling on the left. But since he detected with his roots an entrance to the aquarium under it, he grows really quick & is about to cover all the window -

I guess he grows some centimeters every day, but if ever I look at him I don't see him growing. - He does it, when I look away.

Recently I tried to remove him, but then got attacked by his tentacles. - I even can't open that window anymore.

The alarming thing is, that he's only 2 meters from my bed & I noticed some tentacles growing in direction to my bed - the nearest one is only 80 cm away - Probably one night he will reach me while I sleep & strangle me with his stinging tentacles. - You will notice, that it happened if I stop writing in my diary - or should I buy a chainsaw?

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