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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-10-23 - 2:49 a.m.

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ghost signing

it's one of the curses in my life, that my friends & family have always birthdays in groups - there's a group in March, 3 or 4 birthdays within about 10 days, then comes the dangerious late July & early August time, when also within days my mother & about 3 friends have birthday - why do they cumulate that much? - do they know how difficult it is to find accurate birhday presents for such a bunch of friends within short time? - No, they don't - they're that reckless to have birthday in such a stakkato.

So one of my cheap little tricks for forgotten birthday presents is: "You get your present later" - no - I don't say that that primitive - I say "I have something in mind, but it needs some time to get (it's already ordered) & such stuff..

Well - just now I'm over the October, one of the most dangerious birthday rates in year. There is my good friend Sandra who has birthday on Oct the 13th, Theodotti - her's is on the 17th - & there is Peter, the friend of my friend Peo - I knew that his birthday was also sometime in October, but was luckily not knowing the exact date -

but I couldn't escape - on October the 18th he asked whether I wanted to come home with him that evening - Peo has prepared a dinner - hmm - I am often invited by them, but mainly in the weekend - but it was Tuesday - so I knew at once, this must be his birthday - but at least later on when I've been there I had that excuse, that I didn't know that he had birthday that day - it was a splendid meal later on with several courses (they should always tell you about the number of courses in the beginning of such an orgy) - at least I feel now obliged to give him a birthday present afterwards (I'm very famous for my afterwards presents - they need sometimes a half year, but they come)..

On the other hand - I love to give birthday presents for people I love (well that's mainly some precious women) - but also some very good (male) friends I have - those people I really care about - but I hate that obligation to give & what is much worse, to find an appropriate present for aquaintances, just because..

At least Theodoti, my greek friend (I know her since she was 15 - I was 17 then, being the best friend of her older brother then & in that time was for a short time in love with her - but now she's still a good old friend to me) - it's always good to have a greek friend in your life (you can lean on to good very old culture) - (like it is to have a jewish friend, an iranian friend, a khamerounian friend, a french & a thai friend which all I have) ..

OK - I start this sentence again: At least my friend Theodotti had her birthday on Oct. 17th (a Monday) - but wanted to celebrate her birthday on Friday.

Yes in most cases I start to think only some days before about all this present buying stuff & the older people get, the harder it is to find an appropriate present for them - they have already everything they need, their flats are full of stuff & most of them have all too much pot flowers - the CD's they like they have already - & if you give them a CD of your own taste, that won't fit to their tastes, they probably never ever hear it -

But luckily I was some days ago in the late evening waiting for my tram on a tram station, but behind me there was a porcelaine & glass articles shop - so while waiting I watched the shop-windows & between glass animals & cheap christmas porcelaine I discovered these most wonderful cups with motives of Klimt, you know 'Gustav Klimt', the painter of golden 'Jugendstil' (art nouveau (is there no english word for that (remember Beardley)?) - They were beautiful - I knew at once they were the perfect birthday present for Thedotti & also Sandra (she lives 100 km away & she alway gets her present later) -

The shop - of course - was closed already - but friday afternoon I went there to buy these art cups.

An olderly vendor woman - apparently the owner told me that they had only 2 sets of these cups & she had seem them on a 'Messe' (fair) & had ordered them in April, so had to wait 6 month to get them - she gets the next set in december -

I stood with her in front of these 5 cups, trying to decide which 2 of them I should choose, but while she told me that they are so limited & rare & hard to get - I took all 5 of them with a prize of 19,95 Euro each - I hardly had enough money with me to pay them.

See here:

I had to decide which of these cups I would take to Dotti, - I had one in mind, with the motif: der Kuss (the kiss), - see here:

but liked to give her a chance to decide on her own - so took 3 of them 5 cups with me, which I thought she would like most.

Later on - soon after arriving there - I gave her the choice & she exactly choose that 'Kiss' cup which I had thought she would like most.

But here a funny little add-on to this little story - the nice & well experienced vendor woman who sold me these cups, who flattered me for my good taste of chosing these exclusive cups, told me, that they were personally signed by Gustav Klimt.

"Oohm" - I thought, "personally signed?" - "Does Klimt still live then? " - "he must be that old by now" -

& of course Gustav Klimt was born 1862 & he died inthe year 1918 - so I really wondered how he could sign art cups with his motives in the year 2005 on the Frankfurter porcelaine fair?

Well - the vendor reserved the next cup - that one with the snakes - for december - but if ever she repeats then, that the cups were signed personally I damn sure will tell her that Gustav Klimt was born 1862.

After doing some research for Klimt - here his portrait:

& you know of course all these typical Klimt pictures, arabesque patterns of golden embramed mosaics with mainly women faces & bodies..

later on he had also some paintings that were not so pattern embroidered like his most famious ones - I like this one I just found, of course also because she looks so stark naked & because I'm male (what a strong connection to Klimt)

or was this Gisèle, (now to be found on a graveyard in Montmarte - see from Alison's blog )?

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