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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-10-25 - 3:01 a.m.

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Heimo's very special oatmeal recipe

I'd never thought about writing a cooking recipe in my diary, since one of my least liked occupations is it to cook (well cleaning is worse - I f I could afford it, I 'd have servants to do these tedious things in life for me) - I mean, good cooking is maybe a fine art & I adore real good cooks. & I'm gourmet enough to really love fine & exquisitive cooking, but it needs such a long time to prepare those meals - you have to buy the ingredients & even have to plan how & where to buy them, have to cut & clean & prepare them & then cook & roast'n'toast & bake them in a planned time circle (hey I have better things to do!) - you are occupied for hours & just for the gluttony & consumption lust of taste senses for about 15 minutes - What a waste of time! (having good sex doesn't need that long time, at least if you have a partner)

so to work in the kitchen is a foreign language to me - I only cook meals that are very quick done & without any long effort ready - I want to snip with my fingers & the dinner should come.

I really adore the art of cooking, but have also the heart of an artist. I mean: If I create something very special & unique & formidable it should last for ever. - I couldn't stand the idea that my fine piece of cook work would be devoured by greedy consumptioning people, - well if you compare it with music - it's here & then it's gone - but at least you can record good music & then hear it over & over again. - Did you ever hear about cooking recording - cook it once & eat it for years over & over again - I mean not writing down the notes like in a cooking recipe - but just put in my last recorded exquistive meal in a machine & immediately I can eat my artwork dinner at once - hmm if that would be possible I'd be probably one of the best cooks of the world..

Anyway I confess, that I had really times in my early youth & some years when I experienced in this cooking stuff - I must have had a lot of free time by then..

Yes I promised a recipe - the reason was because yesterday I read in G.'s diary about a cooking recipe for oatmeal -

maybe I try that one out - if I got that ingrediences..

Oatmeal or porridge is done in Great Britain & similar countries with hot milk (we learned that even in school in english lessons) - here in Germany it's usually done with cold milk & I can't even imagine how it would taste with hot milk & since early childhood I had a slight distaste for meals with hot milk, because of the skin the milk gets, when it's hot - but hot cacao tasted even in my childhood good - I had a trick to stick the skin to the back of cup, while drinking it - getting the skin in my mouth made me feel like choking..

But reading her recipe inspired me to publish here my own ultimative recipe for oat flakes:

You use of course cold (but not ice cold) milk.

What you need for about a smaller sized bowl is:

- fresh milk (don't use that pasteurized H-milk)
- oat flakes (of course)
- 1 medium sized fresh carrot
- coco nut flakes (you get them in the grocery close to all that baking stuff)
- maybe a banana or some strawberries (don't use too much different fruit - that would spoil the taste - I recommand banana slices)
- & also maybe honey

Of course you put just that lot of oat flakes in the bowl you'd like to eat, put about 2 or 3 spoons of rasped coco nut flakes in - rasp the carrot with kitchen rasp over it, & then well maybe some slices of banana & if you like it sweet maybe one or 2 teaspoons of honey over it. At last pour the milk over it (please don't use hot milk - that would spoil the taste) -

I found out that this mix tasted so delicious & fresh - it makes you an addict to it once you have ever tasted it.

Maybe the addition of fine rasped carrots sounds a bit strange, but this oatmeal doesn't taste in the least like carrots - the carrots put in a nutlike taste in the combination of coconut, milk, oat & carots.

Of course this recipe is my special invention & under my copyright & if ever you use it, you have to pay me 3,7 cent per meal (you can pay by paypal). - If everybody in the world would eat my oatmeal recipe each early morning I would be filthy rich.

& please use cold milk!

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