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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-11-10 - 5:21 a.m.

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small culture shock


I just watched a late night show & Alison Morisette was invited as guest. After she sang her song, she talked with 'Stephan Raab' the show master.

She told that she was in the moment synchronizing for a new Disney film "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", "The Chronicles of Narnia".

But Raab didn't seem to know anything about these chronicles, which in fact he didn't do - those Narnia books that almost any english speaking people know from childhood on.

He asked her what it was about & of course Alison couldn't explain the storyline in only a few sentences.

So he responded: ".. so it's about little talking lions?"

How ignorant! (I mean it was so funny watching his ignorance..)

It seems that only very view people (like me e.g.) in Germany know about the Narnia chronicles - this wonderful masterpiece of C.S. Lewis, who's been by the way a good friend to J.R. Tolkien.

At least most of the people here meanwhile know "Lord of the Rings" (at least since the films came - but I was one of the pioneers who read it already 25 years ago, when I was about 25 years old (no I'm not that old (which of course I am)!)) - & of course everyone here knows 'Harry Potter', & since long time also 'Lewis Caroll's' "Alice in Wonderland", but also the "Wizard of Oz" is still almost unknown here around.

But I must confess, that even I got very late in my life known to the Narnia books. I was 27 then (or 28) & visiting my poet friend Ed Morgan in Massachussetts for 3 months. That was the time I learned to read in english (by childbooks mainly) & also detected 'Narnia' -

I took those books with me here to Germany & now spread them or the secret knowledge about them to all over Germany (the bad thing is, most people here don't read english, but at least I had lent the original 'Narnia chronicles in english' to about 2 people already) & bought the first Narnia book (translated to German) for a birthday present. - I hope the seed I laid down her in the German heart grounds will grow & spread..

In the background I just hear the soft jazzy blues voice of wonderful Norah Jones' "Come away with me" she sings - & so I do for tonight!

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