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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-11-18 - 5:32 a.m.

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dreaming of lions & panthers

yes it's dreamtime again - yes I know, that I dream you & you're only dreaming, that you read me..

Last night & some days ago I had 2 kitten dreams & as I have nothing better to tell in the moment I tell these:

the lion dream: I wanted to cross a small valley the size of a castle moat - there were 2 lions in it - a male & a female lion who were striding around down there in the valley's bottom randomly

I had by some reason urgently to cross that valley & so watched the lions down there from behind some wall fragments to find a save way to pass through them without getting attacked.

But the lions noticed my stealthy watching them & it made them angry at me - it had the same effect like standing outside a fence with a dog who get's wilder & frenzier while you stand there outside.

I just had provoked them, while watching them from my above sheltered place outside - so I should pass or leave the place - but I feared for passing it was already too late.

There was a man close by who knew these lions - I mean he was in good terms with them & he offered me his guide to get past them - they trusted him & he led me to them - I followed him with mixed emotions, hoping I had not spoiled any closer contact to them by having made them so furious about me while spying them

Of course behind this man whom they trusted I hesitatingly reached one of them - it was the lioness - very huge & dangerious she loomed over me & I knew I just had to be quiet & move only in slow motion & let her defenseless examine me - she smelled at me sorrowly & when she smelled at my head I knew she could crunch it with one bite - but finally I felt that she began to trust me - the situation became relaxed - the lioness was like a new friend for me - I embraced her & stroke her & as big as she was - she layed on her back, waving her paws in the air & I could play with her like a little kitten - & I had totally forgotten, that my goal was, to reach the other side of the moat..

hmm - I wouldn't try this out in real life, not even in the Nuerembergion Zoo's lion moat.

my next savage cat beast dream arrived some days later, so last night:

it was probably in some kind the sequel to myformer dream - I was on my way on a steep mountain way with all kind of barriers together with a black panther (lepard) - he was tame like the lioness in the dream before - maybe if you tame one of them in one dream they become all tame in future dreams -

I was walking up that mountain lane with my panther around me & mostly in front of me - sometimes I had to help her heave her above a barrier, but still was aware, that if she would turn against me, I had no chance to survive, but I could trust my little big black Panther cat -

Up on the mountain there was a region like North-Hamptons college areal - I had to go in one of these buildings for lessons, but as I was approaching there of course I had to live my panther outside, who played there alone on the green lawn - I saw then a car arriving with someone like a camp security police or animal catcher - who arrested my panther - he told me, that it was not right, to be in so close connection to that panther - it was a savage animal & should not be spoiled by infatuation & affection.

How stupid they were - I got really angry at them, but the had the power to take him away.

I had the deep desire to free my panther out their clutches - & then I somehow had a gadget (some things work easy in dreams), that was something like a vidio player, but showed the memory of my panther -
I rewinded it & played it - it showed the way I had walked up the mountain lane from inside the panthers eyes - just like he had sawn th way - this panther memory showed also my voice & other people talking & you could understand the talking pretty well -
& I knew at once what that meant - the panther could understand people talking - that proved that he was superspecial - a high intelligent beast on the level to human race

I woke up then - so couldn't see the result of my shown panthers video anymore - but I'm sure, that should have set him free again - which probably I will see in one of my future dreams..

Well - am I not the perfect beast master?

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