from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-11-19 - 3:53 a.m.

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The Cathi and the Unicorn

well it was about 20 years ago - when I've been visiting my poet friend Edward Morgan, the poet & minstrel singer in that time.

He lived in Massachusetts near those nice university cities Amherst, Holyoke & Northhampton in a small village near Springfield called South Hadley - in the USA a village is not what we in Europe call a village (here the houses of a village are very close together & traditional mainly farmers live there).

I will write about Ed another time but there was also his friend Cathi.

Let's say Cathi was the Unicorn girl - she had posters and pictures & pictures of pictures of Unicorns all over her house spread, on walls, on button stickers - everywhere - you were highly confronted by Unicorns & came about to believe they were real.

& for some people they were real - I wrote in that time a letter to my mother in Germany & told her, that in Massachusetts still some wild Unicorns existed, living in the wide unexperienced woods there - & later on I found out, that she believed me!! She wasn't aware that Unicorns are only fable beasts (like dragons & harpies etc) - hmm or are they not? -

My visit in MA was planned for a half year, but food is very expensive in the USA, so I ran out of money long time before & also it's not so wise to live that long with a couple together - so 3 months were quite enough.

Cathie's unicorn fancy must have influenced me deeply, for I was writing a longer story there involving a unicorn. Ed wanted to translated it for me to english & maybe publish it under his new grounded 'fancied' company 'behind the beyond' -

I even prepared the story for the translation by pre-translating it into a rough english, which was in that time still much worse than today & he should polish it up & bring it in a lyrical satisfying form. - Well but he never did - he said my German use of language was too difficult for him for translation or something like that.. - well it wasn't that important..

When I've been back to Europe - maybe one year or 2 later I wrote a poem in english about Cathi and the Unicorn & sent it to her - she loved it - see here:

The Kathi and the Unicorn

When kathi was whistling while doing the dishes
a unicorn came in for her dream's instant wishes
and shone like a moon-beam, that bold unicorn
touched kathi with his nostrils and gently bowed his horn
and kathi got quite startled and thought it was a dream
but the unicorn stood with her like any dream's scheme
when kathi went in the garden to get herself some potatoes
the unicorn went with her, and nibbled on the tomatoes
when kathi was in the mood to have a little walk
the unicorn came with her just for a secret talk
when kathi came home from work, exhausted and so tired
the unicorn still was waiting to be stroked and be admired
when kathi went shopping and drove her greenish car
the unicorn galloped besides her like a silver shining star
when kathi got her clothes off while taking herself a bath
the unicorn went upstairs, started friendly there to laugh
and kathi in love with that beast, went to bed
while the unicorn pierced her all through, till glad she went mad
and when kathi went longing for the garden of joy
the unicorn said, come with me, don't make me be your toy
and on the unicorn's back kathi softly was riding
a color skied space opened and in they were sliding
they both were a-floating to a most distant shore
where dreams have fulfillment and are never to bore
where the winds are so smooth hands and the sand is so warm
there kathi lived quite happy with her dream's unicorn
she laughed like a child laughs, clapped joyful her hands
she decided never to wake up out of Unicornland.

by Heimo Geske

But somehow we all lost contact since about 15 years - after a time of letter correspondence (e-mail wasn't invented yet) - I had a time when too much happened in my life & couldn't get my head free to write letters - I changed my adress - they too.

So now I don't know where they live now - still somewhere in MA. I guess - The last letter from Cathi told me that they had split & she lived then alone with her dog in Holyoke.

I just searched in the internet for her adress, telephone or e-mail adress but in none of the telefone registers of these towns is a Cathi Fournier to be found - hmm maybe she changed her second name by marrying or maybe Cathi is not the registered name, but just an abbreviaton of Kathryn, Catharina or something like that. - It's hard to find a Kathi in the USA again.

So if you know her or find her, please inform me & tell her my e-mail adress - I'd really liked to be in mail contact again - I didn't had answered her last letter from somewhen in the 80ies yet!

Here on the top left you see Cathi, to her right Ed, the musician
- the guy in front was 'Pfiffer' a drummer, like me from Germany, who was there for 2 months - to his right the younger sister of Ed, Debra (& I also hadn't yet answered the last letters of Ed & Debra too)
You can't see me on that foto, because it was probably me, who shot it.

(I mean I have till now (about 15 years) not yet answered any of their last letters - so that's why they have turned to stone, still waiting for my answer - only Pfiffer survived because he never wrote me a letter)
Don't you think that Pfiffer got high similarity with the blues Bard 'Edgar Winter' in that time? - I think so!

But here is another one, that Cathi was taking from me in that time:

Wasn't I a cool cat by then? - Lord Heimo! - I sent it once to Gentry & she answered I looked like "Oscar Wilde"
Oohm - I wished I looked that cool & fresh still now..

I still have stored all letters Cathi wrote me & they were so sweet & full of little paintings & pictures sticked in - aah - I'm getting nostalgic..

So - whoever reads this & lives in the USA, please find Cathi for me & tell her, she should write me an e-mail to '' & it would make me happy, if she writes in my guestbook - maybe she lives just in your neighbourhood (there can't be so much Cathi's in the USA?)!

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