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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-11-22 - 5:05 a.m.

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Perfect product placement

I really got November depression in this dark, damp, cold unfriendly season of the year when it never really get's light in the day & don't like to set a foot out of your door
- I 'd much prefer to live somewhere in the south, but not too much south & not too far away from culture - a dream Isle would be for me total boring - I need city life available & friends close at hand - the Cote Azur or near Montpellier in the South France would be a nice place, but still I can't afford it to buy me me a villa there & to live a jet set life? - Any sponsor's around?

I'ts may a good idea to read some good books in the long winter evenings in a cozy warm room with a coup of hot under the small ray circle of a reading lamp - well maybe..

Today while I was sitting in the tram on the way to my part time job in that driver school - there came a girl in & sat herself opposite to me. She looked like a student, crammed out a book of her bag & started to read.

With a short glance at her book (I'm always curious) I noticed, that it was in English - who else than me reads English books in the tram? - the woman besides her read a newspaper.The woman to my left read a German book - I had also an English book with me "Mr Norrel & Mr. Strange" - but hadn't delved it out my bag, because I had only 3 stations to drive.

No - it's not true that all Germans who sit in trams are reading books. But apparently there was a high concentration of reading in the 4 seat tran section where I sat.

While the girl opposite me read her book I read the title & the author's name - The title seemed to be known to me - I was sure I had heard of it before & also the author's name seemed to have a slight familiarity to me. So I decided to remember the title & author to may google it in the evening & my look in amazon for it.

My memory works very good for some seconds at least, so later in the evening at least remembered, that I wanted to research the book the internet. But then, on the other hand, I couldn't remember neither the title nor the author again. - Hard chance for googling it..

So I went in & searched for english books. Hmm - could it be that the first name of the author was something like Joan? - & I remembered that the title was longer than only 2 or three words & it had something to do with a group or circle or persons..

then I remembered that there was the probably the word 'club' in it - so the club of ....?

So I searched for 'Joan' & 'club' & found some books like "The Tuesday Night Club", "Club Tropical" etc. -

the book I searched was not in the listing, but then I vaguely remembered, it was probably something like 'book club' - & I got it at once - It was even the same cover illustration - so the name was "The Jane Austen Book Club" by "Karen J. Fowler" (well at least J. could be Joan?!) - I read the recension - it sounded interesting.

But then I began to look for "Jane Austen" books - I've heard that name occasionly & knew she must be a famous author in the english speaking world - I think she's hardly known here in Germany.

The result of all my research was that I ordered by amazon not only "The Jane Austen Book Club", but also "The Complete Novels" by 'Jane Austen' herself.

Of course if I read the 'book club' book, where there is a club who discusses about Jane Austen - I should have read J. Austen's books before, because I hate to get involved in a discussion about things I don't know or understand.

If I'll have read them I will tell you which I prefered - The original Jane Austen or the one who wrote about Jane Austen..

While in amazon today I noticed, that they offer me a personal list of books, they think I would buy, because of those books I had already bought. They analyze with computer programs fed with all the data of their customers & all their bought books. The patterns of probability calculus of those buying 'one certain book' then with x percent probability buy also 'that book' are used against me.

Well & maybe the girl in the tram was maybe an agent sent by amazon, because amazon virtual brain exactly knows, that I would order all these books, just because I saw her reading that book. - I call that perfect product placement!

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