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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-11-29 - 5:38 a.m.

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"Let the Sunshine in" vs. "Smash the mirror!"

Alexander went in search for Diogenes and found him sitting in his tub in the sun. "I am Alexander the Great," said the monarch. "And I am Diogenes the Cynic,"replied the philosopher. Alexander then requested that he would inform him what service he could render him. "Stand from between me and the sun," said the Cynic. Alexander, struck with the reply, said to his friends, who were ridiculing the whimsical singularity of the philosopher, "If I were not Alexander, I should wish to be Diogenes."

I just saw an report about 'Rattenberg' (translated it would mean ratmountain, but it's an untranslated town). This small town or village in Austria is situated behind a big mountain or let's say: in the shadow of that big mountain, which prevents in about 4 months in the winter time the sun to shine on that town. & the Rattenberger's are craving for sunshine!

In spring, summer & falls the sun has no problems to climb that mountain bestowing sunshine to Rattenberg. But no sun ray for 4 months makes the inhabitants depressive & they are now making study's how to get more light in the town. - They're thinking about giant sized mirrors installed somewhere on & around the mountain, to redirect the sunlight into town during this dark time. (No joking - they really do!)

They really built a room size model of Rattenberg & the mountain & are experiencing with mirrors in this model to find the strategic best places to set them to supply the town ultimatively with sun rays.

To realize it in real size it will cost about 2 million Euros & nearer probably than maybe they'll do it.

A long time ago I played a little computer game, where you had to set a lot of mirrors in the right angle to lead a ray of light through all this different grade angled mirrors through a labyrinth to a goal. It was a nice little riddle game.

So these mirrors around Rattenberg also will have to send the sun rays from one mirror to the other, till they finally hit the town - maybe they use different kinds of convex & concave mirrors which maybe first bundle & later spread the light. - (Hmm, I'm just imaging: what if someone would exchange the bundlers with the spreaders & maybe put big lenses behind the bundled light? - that would burn the town!)

If this Rattenberg project turns out fine, it will maybe copied. A lot of people live in the shadow, have there windows behind a big wall - what about the abysses of streets in Manhattan etc. between all the light stealing skyscrapers.

Let's mirror sunlight in the shadows. - What about the people near the pole in Lapland etc, who live a half year in dark? - Well we could build long lines of mirrors for distances of 1000s of kilometers to bring the sunshine from regions & spread the sun whereever we need it all over the world with mirror lines. Or maybe we put giant size mirrors on space stations to en-sun-lighten those halfyear night regions.

We'll don't need streetlamps anymore, because we light our streets in the night, by the daylight of the other side of our earth just by long chains of mirrors.

The technology about sun rise will rise to extreme extents - the world will be covered with mirrors to lead the light & sun-reflectors to gain energy - rays & sun will become a big business & of course those countries with big deserts will get filthy rich. - One should buy the Sahara, while it's still wasteland & cheap. - Are there Sahara-stocks available yet?

States who threaten the world with ABC-weapons will be boycotted by just redirecting the sunshine from reaching them.

& the pole caps will melt in this orgy of sunlight much quicker than anyway & we all shall drown.. - so please dear people of Rattenberg: "Just don't start using those mirrors! - We know how it ends"

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