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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-02 - 4:31 a.m.

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sich selbst aus dem Sumpf ziehen - or - some foolish act of weight watchers

it was about 10 years ago:

my friend S. had problems with her weight & she was on diet - she wanted to lose about 10 kg of weight within some weeks, that meant, that she wanted to diminuish her weight of about 63 kg to about 52 kg.

She had a book which told about almost every kind of food how many kilojoule & kilocalories where in it - she had a diet plan to eat only a certain amount of kilocalories each day -

To verify this she weighed herself each day on a balance to find out how many kilogramms (or gramms) she had lost.

In that time she had a long heavy hairpart weaved into her hair, that probably weighed about a half kg or more..

so while she was weighing herself she asked me to lift up her heavy hair part, so that she could get the right measure of weight without the weight of the false hair.

After I did that for some days: while she was weighing herself, standing behind her, lifting her hair, I noticed one day, while I came out of the bath, that she was standing on the balance, with one hand lifting that heavy hair part herself. - I burst out laughing - but she needed some time & some explaining words, to understand why I was laughing..

Do you understand or are you a weight watcher?

Of course I should have told her, that after we had found out the weight of her hair part on the first weighings - she just could have subtracted that difference from her daily weighing, but I doubt that she'd had understood..

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