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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-04 - 4:06 a.m.

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grain of luck

tonight I've been another time invited to Peo & Peter, including a voluptious meal & finally some boredom, because I've been already 3 times this week with them & one time a week is quite enough for me..

when finally I drove home with the last tram I could get (they drive only till about 12:30 in the night), I overheard a young couple sitting behind me - I didn't see them, but they must have been pretty young - it was mainly him talking - I heard him repeatedly talking about his grain of luck he always got - he was being sent by his company to a training course in another town (Darmstadt) & only few elected from the company where sent there - & he must have been informed just some moments before, that the girl besides him was also sent to this this course, which seemed to make him very happy, because he repeated it over & over again that by his grain of luck she was also in the same course with him. - The boy (or young man) was very enthusiastic about his collegue coming with him, so apparently all in love with her - But her answers weren't quite that enthusiastic - he also told her that his mother had known before, that she would succeed for participating that course, a statement he repeated about 2 or 3 times - the girl listened - phew! - what had his mother to do with that? - that all his relatives probably would welcome her with open arms?

I heard the pure naiveness in his enthusiastic voice - but maybe she got attracted by that - I mean she has the same age, so probably didn't see it with my elderly eyes - well we know, that the same age in that age means, that girls usually are a 100% less naive than boys.

I had to leave the tram & couldn't resist in the last moment before I left the tram to look back to see this young couple I've been overhearing. - He didn't even see me, but while I looked back I met her eyes & I knew, that she knew, that I had heard every word.

Will his supposed grain of luck survive her superior knowledge & intuition?

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