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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-06 - 4:26 a.m.

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I knew it!

Since long!

& now I got proof!

There is a ghost in my appartment, who's doing mischief while I sleep & while I'm away.

He doesn't hurt me & doesnt't destroy things, nor does he try to freighten me (which is the job ghosts in most cases are involved). No - he works much more subtile. - He moves things - & he hides things. I think he's much in socks - for there are so many single ones of them left, where there should be only pairs of them & people start to think I'm funny if I wear socks of different colour.

I've been searching my scissor for cutting my fingernails for weeks & found it by chance on a place where I'v never been.

The Avocado I bought last week - you know it needs about 2 or 3 days for them to get ripe - I had layed it on my table just in front of me - but it's gone. I searched any possible place in my flat, where I usually put an Avocado or where ever an Avocado in my flat would be supposed to lay. - I'm sure this ghost has put her on some place in my flat where I'll never find it before it's all rotten & I can only find it by following the path of bad smell. - It's just like the bag of oranges 2 months ago, that he put in an unnoticed corner & only got aware of it, by the stench of moulded oranges.

& of course all this littles necessary things of dayly life that I put always on the same place from time to time just vanish, like my house key, that I alway put on the same place, but sometimes, especially if I have an very important appointment, totally vanishes & you just can't leave your flat without your keys except you have burglar qualities.

& if I have an important paper like the tax income form etc. to send it back on the final date - but then it's gone - in none of my lots of paper heaps to be found anymore.

I always knew that it wasn't me who's doing all this mischief & hiding important things from - but yesterday I got proof. I really could see this ghost for a short moment on my PC screen just in the moment I switched it of - he was clearly to be seen on the black screen - probably he didn't expect, that I would switch it out so quick , because he was just about moving & hiding some things behind my back. -

Luckily I had my digicam just in reach, so quickly took it & fotographed him (or maybe just his reflection):

You see his big eye & his wake of octopus tentacles he uses to steal & move my property?

Here I delineated his shape with colour - yes it's difficult to draw with the mouse, but you can see the shape..

I also see a high resemblance whith my strange tentacle cactus, who threatens me from my window side - see my my entry:

Tentacles of my Cactus

Now that I know how this ghost looks, my next goal is to catch him, put him in a bottle & cork him in there forever & hide or move then the bottle away to a place that even the ghost can't find anymore!

Any advice how to catch a ghost?

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