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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-09 - 2:34 a.m.

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The pubic hair of Vienna

I was only once in my life in Vienna - it was in a summer 4 years ago - I just went there, to visit a woman I knew since long time, who had lived once in Germany but now since some years in a small village near Vienna (in German called 'Wien')

I had only the weekend, because I had to work in the week & holidays were still far. So I took the night-train early on Saturday morning, which started about 3 in the morning & arrived in Vienna about 9 a.m.

Of course I didn't go to bed before, because then it's so hard to get up with only a few hours of sleep. So I tried to sleep somehow in the night train on the uncomfortable seat. At least I had 2 empty seats, but still with my head leaning in the hard seat sill. & somehow I could hardly sleep.

It wasn't a good idea to visit a woman whom you might try to impress, if you haven't slept a wink the night before.

If I don't sleep enough at night, I'm only half the man I'm used to be.
My spirit is on low flame - I don't talk much & all my charme & wittiness is quite gone by the urge to just survive the day.

Never visit a woman you're interested in, in such a state!

When I arrived Vienna, a half busy & half sleepy city after my first impression, I had to reach a point where she would pick me up with her car at 1 o'clock p.m. - She had a job till noon on Saturday. -

On the map of Vienna that I had studied the day before in internet the meeting point seemed quite near to the station, but while walking there
I recognized, that real life street distances are much much longer than you could imagine on those small maps. - & I didn't had any austrian money with me, because Euros weren't yet invented, so Taxi's or Busses were in the moment out of reach. -

At least I had much time & so followed my map through narrow & crooked downtown Viennian streets to my goal.

I had wisely my Thermo bottle with hot coffee with me, so had 2 rests on my way with a refreshing cup of coffee. & of course I had much too much baggage for just 2 days with me & the baggage's weight grew & grew by every step of my long walk - at least drinking the coffee made it somehow lighter & thought about: 'just leaving things', but was too stingy to do that.

I noticed the very strong Vienna slang the people spoke there, who of course recognized me at once as stranger 'Piefke' (that's how Austrichians call the Prussians) - if only I exchanged 2 sentences with them.

I noticed also a lot of people walking with their dogs & I saw on this lazy sunny forenoon a lot of dogshit everywhere on the streets & walking passages. Much more than I'm used to in Nuremberg. "This town is full of dog shit" - I thought then. - Here in Nuremberg, since about 5 or 10 years & I think in most towns in Germany are meanwhile strict regulations for the owners of dogs, to avoid their dogs poo-ing on the streets or at least remove the results at once from the streets. - But it seemed, that here in Vienna nobody cared too much about crap heapsin the city.

But then I made a very pecular observation: There was an olderly woman walking slowly lazily in front of me - with age about 50 or 55. But she still was quite in shape & had strong make up, wore clothes, like she was 20 & especially wore a 'Hot Pant' - really very narrow & tight hotpants, one of those which show the contours of the slit line. - Of course every man takes a quick glance or 2 to any female exhibitionistic attitude. - Not unlike me!

But then I saw something shocking, which I never saw in that constellation before. On both sides of the small rim of the hotpants between her legs, there were bunches of wild totally uncontrolled pubic hair protruding out of her trousers to both sides. - You could see it, if you walked behind her. You could see it even more from the front, when finally she turned & entered a baker shop. - The only thing you couldn't see, was the inside of the vagina. - I was strangely shocked & fascinated by this situation. - Was she so unaware of what she exhibited or did she just don't care? - Nobody of the people on the streets seemed to care. She could probably have walked around naked - nobody would have cared. - Maybe a quite common sight in downtown Vienna?

I believe that Vienna is an old & romantic town full of secrets and wonderfull sights. If once ever I return there I will really discover the town & find all the nice & sightseeing worth places there.

But on this unlucky day, while haven't slept a wink I probably walked just through the abdominal parts of the world wide famous celebrity & courtisan Vienna!

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