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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-10 - 4:51 a.m.

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Jokes of Shape & History

How many fools does it take to raise people like Ahmadinedschad or Hitler to become president of their country?

This Iranian new president Ahmadinedschad of course with peaceful nuclear intentions wants to wipe out Israel, doesn't believe in holocaust & suggested that Israel should move to Germany & Austria (remember Hitler came from Austria) -

What a stubborn childish ignorant mass leader can make such suggestions? - & what kind of folks voted for him - I mean the same kind of folk, who voted here in Germany once for Hitler?

Iran should be excluded from the United Nations - that's what a lot of western countries demand, but Russia & China are economocly dependent to Iran by oil resources & so wouldn't vote against Iran. -

How ridiculous all this United Nations idea is, when every honest & correct political decision is extinguished by economic nations greed of all the mighty nations of this world (let's do some genocide for the riches of the world, for some gold, for some oil, for some diamonds)

but to tell another joke - I heard tonight in the 'Harald-Schmidt-show' a little joke - I just tell it to relax from these political statements.

The joke was:

A Zero meets an Eight -
the Zero says to the Eight:
"What a nice belt!"

Wasn't this a nice little joke? - I don't like these long & primitive jokes, but prefer these seldom pointy little ones.

One time I will find the ultimative joke - without any word - only pointy - you begin to laugh before ever understanding it, because it's just so pointy..

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